Sunday, July 30, 2017

The LWD: Lilly White Dress + Champagne Brunch

One of the coolest parts of our stay at the Maxwell Mansion in Lake Geneva for our anniversary was our champagne brunch on Sunday at the Baker House Hotel. If you stay at the Maxwell Mansion, you get discounted brunch tickets! It was worth every penny. I had homemade biscuits, delicious French toast and bananas foster, champagne, and eggs any way I wanted them. On my second round (!), I had an amazing spinach salad and pesto tortellini that was out of this world. The desserts were incredible, too! Mike had eggs Benedict, a beef stew, crab cakes, salmon and more. We didn't get a single item we weren't raving about!   

For the brunch, I busted out one of my classic Lilly Pulitzer shifts. This LWD, or Little White Dress, or Lilly White dress, has gotten A LOT of wear. I bought it two years ago for my wedding showers.  I wore it in Jamaica for our honeymoon, then I wore it again for subsequent anniversaries and trips! 

Updated LWDs:

The gardens outside the Maxwell Mansion were just immaculate.  I had major garden envy, but I know a garden is a work in progress, and I have only just begun! 

My dress fits TTS, and this is a 6! It is my typical shift dress size for Lilly. 

My Lilly wedges are now over 5 years old (I always know because we got them to wear to my mom and Gary's wedding on July 20, 2012!). I wear them constantly, you guys, and they still look great. I have worn these to countless weddings, and I even wear them to work to teach. They are so comfy! I did size up a half size for mine.  Here are the updated wedges:

Love the shift dress, but do not want a white one? Have no fear!
Some of my favorite Lilly shifts:

The sitting room was beautiful! Everything was very vintage and antique. 

Look at my handsome date outside the Baker House! It was on the water, and it was pricier than Maxwell Mansion. It did not have a pool, though, so we went for MM!  Maxwell Mansion was just about a 3 minute walk from the Lake!

Gorgeous grounds at the Baker House, too! 

Last week I went to the Lilly Pulitzer store in Oak Brook to do a return, and I tried on a few dresses for my cousin's wedding in August. Here are my findings that I shared out on my Facebook page:
This maxi was an overall fave! If the wedding I'm wearing this for wasn't mid August, I would've bought it! It's a 4, so size down (the top has built in cups & also is stretchy along the back, so you could go without a bra). Talked myself out of it because of the August temps & also it was suuuuper long. 

This was the winner! I am in love. Can't wait to wear it to my cousin's wedding in August! 
It has a zig-zag hem, it's totally loose and flowy (this is an xs for ref), it's silk & it's just downright lovely!!! I came out & the workers were all like OMG! So that sold it for me. Beautiful and twirl-worthy! 

Okay. THOSE POM POMS!!! And beading!!!! Lilly Pulitzer is my spirit animal.
I've admired this dress online for months, and I'm so happy I got a chance to try it on. Also a 6, but slightly shorter than my typical shift dress. Talked myself out of this because I figured Anna would make fun of the Pom poms. Hahaha jk, I actually just thought I might get sick of the pom poms in the coming years. 💁🏻 but they're sooooo cute.

Stunning and TTS with a six pictured. I was like: MARY, you have a navy dress just like this! So I stopped. But not before trying it on and falling even more in love with it. The deets are allll beaded. Amaze. The dress was even better IRL! 

This is a 6, and was bigger than the other sixes, for some strange reason. Talked myself out of it: already have too many shift dresses. BUT it is BEAUTIFUL IF you are IN THE MARKET! The color is stunning in real life! 

Yes, it was another shift. But that blush pink color? How could I pass it up? I ended up putting it back on the hanger because I knew I needed something a little more unique to me. Three of the same dress in different colors is overkill already! But the sparkle! It was gold and silver shimmer detail around the neck and back! 

I, for one, do not want to think about fall at all! It is wayyyyy to gloriously hot out to be thinking about jeans and sweaters. Wear your white all through August! Now's the time to rock white with your tan!
More LWDs at various price points:

How do you wear white? Are you an all-year-round/winter whites? Or do you prefer the Memorial Day to Labor Day timing? :)


  1. i love that white dress you're wearing!! and i loved that you paired it with metallic shoes! so, so chic!

    oh, she’s lovely

    1. Thank you so much! I get so much wear out of it, even though it is white!! Thanks again for reading, too!! :)

  2. I love that white Lilly dress! It is gorgeous!!! I have eyed that dress for a while- I have a blue one just like it!
    Courtney //

    1. Thank you so much, Courtney!! You should totally get it-- I swear I wear it a ton, even though it's white! I have a blue one, too! omg, it's a bad habit, these Lilly Shifts!! :)