Monday, July 3, 2017

Kate Spade Sunnies!

So, I finally caved. I bought prescription sunnies!  I can actually see in the sunlight when I am driving! (jk, Dad and Mom, I swear I could *pretty much* see before!). You guys, I have an unnatural fear of eyeballs. Like, absurd. I went to an appointment a few months ago at Third Street Eye Care to get contacts. I was all set up to do it! I'd watched the YouTube videos about putting them in and taking them out, and I was PUMPED. I had even practiced and pretended to put them in! I was ready! I would finally get contacts and not have to wear my glasses all day! 

The appointment came, and my friend and eye-glasses extraordinaire, Amy, bless her heart, sat with me at the store for what seemed like hours, calmly dealing with my incompetency of putting the contacts in my eyes. AH! I got them in... but then getting them out was an entirely different evil. 

I gave up. I was so mad at myself! Eyeballs should not be so scary!!!! But honestly, I just couldn't do it. Amy was amazing, and so patient, but even her expertise could not sway me from the big baby I am when it has anything to do with eyes. Alas, I went back home with  a 6 day trial pack of contacts and no confidence in myself to actually being able to put them in.

Flash forward a few months, and I got my second wind/newfound bravery. I was going to do this! I was going to wear contacts! We had just moved into the new house: new house, new contacts, new me?! LOL. Well, shockingly, I failed again. Still terrified of eyeballs.

All that to say, here we are. I needed Rx sunglasses BADLY. My last sunglasses were also Kate Spade, thanks to my hubs (seen here and here, and here and here, and basically everywhere since our wedding date when he gave me them, lol). 

^^I promise Bella and Bentley like me, though it may not appear that way in the above pic. LOL


Poor Bella had blood drawn at the vet, but they dressed it up with a sparkly band aid. 

These sunnies are the best, you guys! They're a vintage-y throw back, and the little bling on the side is such a fun addition. 

More Kate Spade sunnies to explore:

What are you doing to celebrate the 4th of July tomorrow? We are heading to New Buffalo, Michigan to see Mike's whole family! We can't wait to reunite with all our nieces, nephews, cuzzies, and family!


  1. Oh my gosh, that's so funny that you have such a fear of something like contacts! Haha, well, not truly funny (laughing with you kind of moment here), but hearing you write about it can't help but laugh! I've been wearing them since high school so it's just second nature to me, but I wear my glasses to work every day (hospital dries my eye outs, that and waking up at 5am my eyeballs just aren't ready to shove contacts in them 😂😂) so on the drive home, I am usually blinded by the sun bc I don't have prescription sunglasses lol. But cuuute ones you got there! They go with you!


    1. I do!!! The biggest fear! Anything eyeball related!! You could not fear that being a nurse!! Getting up at 5 am here, too, would be harder for contacts! I agree!! Oh my gosh, thanks so much, Jac! I am so glad we found each other's blogs!! Thanks again for reading :):):)