Thursday, July 6, 2017

Spotlight on Olivia's Amazing Eyelashes! The only mascara routine you'll ever need!

If you know Olivia Margolis, you know that she has the best eyelashes on the planet. Like, no joke! Every gal at Pure Barre Geneva (where she is an instructor) totally fan-girls over how to get our eyelashes like Olivia's! I remember when I met her for the first time, I was like, "that girl can do amazing splits, and her eyelashes are out of this world!" Fast forward a few months, and now we are friends, and she kindly agreed to give us the rundown on her regimen!  The amazing splits/flexibility side of Olivia comes from the fact that she was a ballet major at the University of Oklahoma. Seriously, you guys, when she demos moves at Pure Barre, we all die! #goals 

^^ Daniel and Olivia, talk about pretty couple! 

Olivia told me the craziest story about her lashes from her time working and dancing in Las Vegas. She had gotten eyelash extensions and had a horrible reaction! She was allergic, it turned out, and she said her eyes swelled up like  GOLDFISH!!! (She was laughing telling the story, so we can laugh now). When they went in to do emergency removal, they basically had to cut down her actual lashes to stop the allergic reaction! Major upset to any woman! 

^^ She used the same routine for her lashes for her wedding day. Gorg, right?!

Her lashes have since grown back, but she started this routine after the reaction to make them look fuller/grow back quicker. 

And now I can share her secrets with you all! Prepare to want Olivia lashes! All the PBG gals do!! 

^^ Bahaha. Me testing the lighting in our bathroom. Shout out to my bff Cait for the Cabi top! Obsessed!!! 

Okay, so here is the rundown. I will link every product, too! 

First comes Revitalash.  Get this from Amazon or Nordoes. I will explain what you do with this serum below.  It will be a $55-80 investment, depending on the size you get, but Olivia says it lasts a year! Totally worth it. 

Then comes Makeup Forever mascara.

The color is called Smoky Extravagant. This is from Sephora

Here's Olivia pre-anything on her eyes. She is obviously beautiful as is, but wait until you see how big her lashes get. Oh, side note!! Olivia is also a Pilates instructor. She has a beautiful studio, and here is her site. Seriously, you guys, her energy and talent as a Pure Barre teacher, dancer and Pilates instructor are so contagious and motivating. You need to experience this!! All the Pure Barre Geneva girls literally sweat and shake through her classes. We always laugh because she is killing us, and we are shaking and burning, and she will pop over and say how cute our leggings are. That's just the sweetness of Olivia. And the other day, we were bent over with are heads resting on our arms on the barre, and she popped underneath us to say, "just kick your leg over Lauren to be like a Rockette!" and of course had us cracking up.  

Olivia uses an eyelash curler by Covergirl before the process, too! 

First thing's first: 
Revitalash is dabbed on the base of your lashes every night after you wash your face before you go to bed. Dab it across your lash line: this is the miracle worker! Revitalash is a little pricey, but it LASTS!!! And it brought Olivia's half lashes back to life after the allergic reaction of doom in Vegas #RIPLashes
Olivia uses the .03 oz container for $55. 

This is your first mascara layer. 1 coat is all you need! Jiggle the brush horizontally for your bottom lashes. This will last you about 3-5 months!

Her right (our left) eye is done in the Smoky Extravagant. Other eye isn't yet. 

Second mascara step is the Benefit Roller Lash (in black). She only does the top lashes with this after applying the Smoky Extravagant (for daily use), or both top and bottom if she's being "fancy". Pro tip from Olivia: don't let the Sephora mascara dry before applying the Benefit. 

^^Again, our left, her right, has both the mascaras on. 

Now... Voila!! Both eyes have both mascaras on! 

Isn't that awesome how much it opens your eyes?!

I am a convert!

My guest bathroom shower curtain (pink ombre ruffles) was my first "adult" purchase from Anthro in 2012. Here are some similar ruffle shower curtains!

SO many thanks to Olivia for allowing us to know her mascara brilliance! Remember the order:

1. Revitalash every night on the lash line before bed (after makeup removed and face washed).

2. Curl lashes with your favorite eyelash curler. Then, Sephora's Makeup Forever mascara in Smoky Extravagant is layer 1 on top and horizontal wiggle on the bottom.

3. Benefit's Roller Lash finishes out the process. Just on top for every day (but on top and bottom to be fancy)! Remember to apply it right after the Sephora, just so it doesn't dry. Get it in the black. 

Okay, so who is ready for the best lashes ever?! I am ordering my "Olivia Routine" as we speak!


  1. Oh, man, I need to go buy that Revitalash this weekend.

    1. Omg I just did. All of it 😂😂😂😂 amazing!!!