Monday, July 17, 2017

Backless and Ruffles in LG/ Need your help for a Lollapalooza dress!

Happy Monday, friends!!  I am officially 29 days away from the start of school with kids, 27 for inservice days, and I just realized how quickly this summer went/is going! 😓 It's such a blessing to have summers off, but teachers certainly make up for our vacation time as we plan and grade every night and on weekends.  Well-deserved for all you amazing teachies out there! 

As we inch closer to August, I always start thinking about what I'll wear to Lollapalooza. Every year since I met Mike, we have gone to Lolla with his brother Scott (and his two friends Christina and Matt, who are awesome!). Scott is a total Lolla champ-- he comes in from Michigan and goes all 4 days. Mike and I are amateurs, and we typically only go 1-2 days. 😂 It's become the last hurrah for me in the summer before I start getting ready for school again. This year, we are going on Sunday, and the lineup looks amazing: super pumped for Barns Cortney, Arcade Fire, The Shins, Grouplove, Rag'n'Bone Man, and Milky Chance. 

But, a big question mark remains: what the heck should I wear?! It is, typically, super hot, sweaty and sunny. The bathroom sitch at these music festivals is less than ideal: porta potties for days. So, it can get a little yucky/dirty/muddy with rain, too. My dilemma is an outfit that is super lightweight, breathable, not too expensive (in case of spills/rain/moshing hahaha jk), but still cute because it is THE music event of the year! 

Enter: this backless, plaid, ruffle dress. I wore it last year to Lollapalooza and my bff's bachelorette party in Nashville, but I brought it back for Saturday during our anniversary weekend in Lake Geneva. I wanted to wear something beachy/lightweight for walking around the Lake town. This was perfect! 

Similar dress from this season:

This is the exact type of dress I am looking for for Lolla. Lightweight, preferably with some cut outs/open back. 

Okay, I am obsessed with this whale purse. HA! It is older from the Kate Spade outlets for $70, but check out these whimsical options:

Also, some of these prices are downright stupid. Like, this Pinata bag is the stuff of dreams, but it is almost $500. Unless you're bathing in money, I wouldn't waste $500 on a whimsical/fun bag. But, wait for it to go to the outlets!! It's soooo cute! Or this cactus bag. $498 is a joke! But I promise at the outlets there will be a similar version for under $100. 

Tried my hand at some bocce at the Maxwell Mansion in Lake Geneva!

The movie room in the hotel was amazing! Adjacent to the apothecary bar, you could order any movie you wanted on the hotel's dime. 

Heading down into the heart of Lake Geneva. 

Okay, but seriously, how cute is Mike? Haha! I love turning the camera on him. He wore this tiger/jungle shirt, and he got so many compliments on it. It's so fun. He finds the most unique shirts! He always goes, "Okay, is this ridiculous?!" before purchasing, and of course, I reply, "no!!! get it!" And he pulls it off with ease. 

Lake Geneva! 

You have to check out Popeyes if you're ever in Lake Geneva, WI. We had cheese curds and nachos + these amazing margs! To die for. And the patio is right along the lake for awesome views and people watching. 

These Jacks are seriously one of my favorite purchases ever. I love having monogrammed everything! haha. Ladies about to get a new last name: hint this to your man!! I couldn't wait for Mike to buy them for me, so I just gifted them to myself. LOL 

AHHHH! Best ice cream ever in Lake Geneva: Scoops

my man enjoying his Scoops!

Love this "disclaimer" for Scoops. 

So, here are my top picks for Lolla. We are going Sunday, August 6, so I need to act fast-ish. What is your vote for the best one?! 

Side notes:
this romper would be in pink or yellow. 
This darling dress would be the orange color.
This $15 dress (!) would be in pink.

Thanks for your input! Other festival-y dress ideas greatly appreciated and welcomed! Feel free to email me: if you have an idea!  I promise to give you full credit on the blog! LOL


  1. These pictures make me so happy! My two oldest went to Lolla last year. What a sweet dress, you're both looking adorable as can be! Love your festival picks and whatever you do, don't wear a romper, too hard to get down to go to the bathroom in the port a potties. LOL. The dress is a much better! Hope you are having a marvelous Monday!

    1. Thank you so much, Andrea!! You are so sweet! I bet they had a blast; it's the best music festival around! I love our tradition to go with Mike's brother!! Omg, I know about the romper sitch. I wonder how hard it would be with a strapless romper?! Maybe I shouldn't risk it at all.. good call on the dress! Now I just need to decide and order!!

  2. I think a dress would be a good choice for a music festival! I really like the baby blue one from Asos!

    Have fun at the festival! :)

    1. I agree about the baby blue Asos pick! Thanks so much for your input! I am sooo excited for Lolla, thank you! :):) Thanks for reading, Yana!