Sunday, September 24, 2017

Leather Pleated Skirt for HOT Fall Days!

We are on day five of 90 degree plus temps!! Help! haha! Normally I would love this, but with no pools open past Labor Day, we are all melting in Northern Illinois. I stepped outside to water my wilting plants this am, and I told Mike it felt exactly like visiting my mom and Gary in Florida! Hot! But, we are so blessed that we aren't dealing with hurricanes or other horrible weather like people across the world, so I am counting my blessings. This outfit is another option for September 90 degree weather! This skirt is one of my favorites, and it is back!!! This tank is a few years old, but Loft just re-released it! 

I bought this skirt on 40% off last year, and I wear it so often! I have worn it with plaid shirts (tucked in), chambray popovers, tank tops, chunky knit sweaters-- the list is endless. I pair it with tights and booties once the temperatures really drop, too. 

These block heels are soooo comfy! And currently $29.99! WHAT! 

I have also worn this skirt with a black and white long sleeved shirt. Do you remember this post? 

The update of this tank is even better! It's shimmery!!! 
Mine is an XS for reference. 
It is 40% off right now, too! 

Kate Spade bracelets:

Tassel earrings:


New Stila lip color: Bella. Obsessed!!! 

This skirt runs TTS, and this is a six for reference. 

How has everyone's weekends been? We were so excited ND won last night! We went to 12 noon mass today and got lunch at Jimmy John's after!  I was craving the veggie sub. OMG. I haven't had it in sooooo long, but it's so amazing. Pro-tip: put salt and vinegar chips on it for an added bonus (and crunch)!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

What to Wear in Fall When it's SUPER Hot!

So, I don't know if you're like me, but I jumped the gun. Fashion wise, that is. When it turned September, I went crazy basic and started drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes like they were going extinct, and I put away all my lightweight summer clothes. BAD idea, Mary. Fast forward to the third week in September, and here we are, sweaty as can be, with the AC on! Haha! I stuck it out for Friday's 89 degrees, but yesterday I had to cave. We turned on the air conditioning. In mid September! Shoot. I love fall, but this is not fall. This is still summer! SO, the conundrum becomes: your Lilly and shorts/tanks are tucked away now, what do you wear? I think I have the answer for these unseasonably warm fall days.

My friend, Lauren, introduced me to this dress in the summer. I was immediately sold! You can't really see the potential in it until you're in person at Loft. The colors are more than just black and white! The tweed is multicolored! Gorgeous! She is a HS teacher, too, and she picked this up for her first day of school outfit. I was convinced! Also, can we take a moment to see how cute Hunter (her little babe) is?! Omg! She looks amazing. She just had Hunter in April! She also teaches Pure Barre at the PB Geneva studio, so come take her class with me!

This red lip is Arbonne. Totally obsessed. Talk to me if you like it- my mom sells Arbonne! She's my dealer lol 

This dress runs TTS for Loft, and this is a small. It's nice and stretchy/comfy and roomy!
The pockets are amazing! 

I have already worn this dress to work and mass, and I am wearing it for Open House Thursday night at work, too! 

Obsessed with all shoes pearlized. I also was thinking no more sandals when it was cold for a few days, but I busted them back out. 

Or these Zara ones for $29

I wear this multi-strand pearl necklace at least 1x a week. 
It's on sale for 50% off! Down to $26. 

^^ obsessed with the pockets! 

Around the edges it's like a fringy/scalloped type detail! SO cute! 

I bought this dress on a 50% off sale. Loft has them (literally) every other day. DO not, I repeat, do not pay full price for this dress. Wait until tomorrow when it's half off again! LOL!

Back exposed zipper! 

And.... here are some adorable pics of our dogs. LOL 

Trying to make them stay still for some glamour shots haha

Just Bentley solo shots because Bella ran away into the garage. 

hahaa, trying to get them to sit still with an enticing treat! 

Definitely a framer lol! 

A few more dresses to wear this week while it's still over 80 degrees!

Did you have a fun weekend? Is it quite so hot near you? I actually think I got some sun while walking Bella and Bentley this weekend. I don't hate that! haha!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Friday Night Outfit: Stripes!

Happy Saturday! I was up bright and early, as I proctored the ACT at our school. How's your weekend going so far? We are heading my colleague's baby shower this afternoon, then cheering on the Irish this eve! We snapped some pics from last night's outfit in front of our new and improved YELLOW front door! Many thanks to Mike for coming up with the idea, going to Ace Hardware to start the project, realizing he needed to bring our yellow Adirondack chair with him to match the color, going back to Ace with the chair, washing the door and the chair while he was at it, painting the door (twice), hanging the door back up, and switching our screen door to a glass for the colder temps.  Writing that just made me tired, let alone actually doing any of it. HAHA!  I love you, Mike! THANK YOU!

Last night I threw on an easy outfit for a progressive dinner with my pals in St. Charles. We swapped locations (if you caught my last post, we were going to do the progressive dinner/crawl in Geneva, but it was toooooo cray with the Festival of the Vine happening). Just as well because St. Charles wasn't packed at all, and we hit up some of our favorite restaurants. It was so fun! Apps and drinks at Puebla and then we walked down to The Office for entrees. I had to head out to get to bed to proctor, but the rest of the crew forged on to McNally's to end the night!

The fall temperatures are great for layering, and I did just that last night with my quilted Burberry jacket, so I was set for the walks between restaurants. Just a disclaimer: I will be the first to say I'd never pay $600 for a jacket, but this was a gift from my ex-bf (haha), and I wear it ALL THE TIME (read more about it here). I would go for a more inexpensive version, instead, like this one under $200 or this one under $130. My Burberry jacket is from 2012, and again, I never stop wearing it. But, I still think $600 is insane for a jacket.

My striped top was from last year's J. Crew releases, but any striped top will do for an easy-going Friday night look! Stripes never go out of style, and you can pair them with statement earrings or a bold necklace. Stripes are super easy to dress up or dress down.

I am a huge fan of Loft's curvy denim skinny jean collection. These jeans are a couple years old, but every year I add a pair to my collection. I love to cuff them at the bottom if I'm wearing booties. For reference, I am in a 28/6 in these. They stretch throughout the day which is great because I hate feeling like a stuffed sausage in my jeans. However, they don't get saggy! A perfect blend of stretch without the sag. Also, they always go on sale. I've never paid more than $40 for a pair of these jeans.

My tassel earrings were (literally) $4 at a store's closing, but here are similar ones!

My gold monogram necklace was a gift from Anna for being her MOH for her wedding. It's my old monogram (mHm), but too darn beautiful not to wear! Find it here.  Also, Moon and Lola offers 15% off your first order! They ship your monogrammed masterpieces out so quickly, too, and are the nicest people ever to work with. I highly recommend Moon and Lola! 

These Toms booties are workhorses in my closet (and they are on sale!). You guys know I'm obsessed! Haha! Even knowing I'd be walking restaurant to restaurant, I knew these Toms booties would be uber comfortable. I could gush about these all day, and I typically do! haha!! 

And the Lunata bootie (closed toe and leather for winter) is 50% off! I am totally buying a pair to add to my collection!

Finally, I love pairing black and white with a pop of red lips. I have a few different Mac red lip colors that I love (Brave Red and Mac Red), and I rotate through them.

Oh, and what's better than matching your friend??? (You might recognize Olivia from her famed eyelashes in this post).   A special shout out to Daniel for his amazing photobomb ahaha

Also, Mike and I split a Reuben at The Office, and he INSISTED we get the full pound of meat version, LOL, because he said economically it was better (and only $2 more than the half pound one). I am dying laughing and eating my words (and the leftover meat) because today he made a corn beef scramble that was of course amazing. So we definitely got 4 meals out of this epic sandwich. LOL. Even though I told him it was a bad idea. hahah! You were right, Mr. Econ Major!! Love you!

So glad it's the weekend!
Sending lots of prayers down to everyone in Florida in Irma's way.