Wednesday, November 30, 2016

So Much to be Thankful for + Turkey Day Outfit

My sweet sister-in-law, Lidija, took some photos of me on Thanksgiving day while we were in Jackson. She is incredibly talented; check out her website!  She travels all over for wedding shoots. She's a fabulous photographer! Here is a couple of our engagement pictures that Lidija shot for us at Notre Dame and Saint Mary's! 

On the steps of Le Mans ^^
In Lilly on the Ave! (Lidija also went to SMC! And her husband, Mike's oldest brother, also went to ND. Well, all his brothers did. And my other lovely SIL, Molly! And his dad. And aunt Joan and uncle George . LOL. Oh, and cousin, Becca! And cousin Katie at SMC! Have I forgotten anyone, babe?)

^ with the Golden Dome behind us :)

This outfit was super simple to throw together (ideal for a packing situation), and the Winnie Pants I'm wearing offered ample stretch for the turkey, green bean casserole (GBC thanks to Court!), pumpkin pie, apple pie, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, salad and apps I ate!  It was really great to be with my in-laws and nephews! :) I can't wait to reunite with the entire Fremeau clan over Christmas break. 

I am so obsessed with this vest. I got it a few years ago at J.Crew Factory, but here is a link to my last blog post about it! (I wear it A LOT!)

I am equally obsessed with this elbow-patch shirt!
I bought mine last fall at YM Boutique in Aurora, but they've since re-released some new elbow-patch tops. My friend, Lauren and her sister, Melissa, totally got me hooked on these! The length is perfect- longer to wear with skinny pants. Also, we bought my sister one with pink elbow patches! Adorbs. 
This is a great option with black elbow patches. Here's a really similar one to mine for a whopping $8.99! 

Here's another version of the elbow-patched shirt for under $10! 

I am all about a cropped Winnie pant + a critter sock for winter. I like that you can see a peep of my matching socks when I sit down. Check out these Winnie Pants and critter socks from J. Crew:

PS: best stocking stuffer, too! Especially the J. Crew Factory socks for $4!

I bought these Sofft booties a few years ago, but they are incredibly comfortable. Again, I can't buy a shoe that isn't practical for work. I'm on my feet all day-- there's no way to be in pain!  Sofft shoes are really the only work heels I own. They last forever, too!

I love layering chunky necklaces. The top one is super old Loft and the bottom is equally as old Charming Charlies.
Trying layering any of these:

This TJ Maxx version of the puffer vest is currently $22! You can't beat that!
The J. Crew Factory version is only $43! I wear this puffer vest soooo much, guys! You need one. Stat! Also loving this red tartan version.  My all-time fave: this splurge from Vineyard Vines. 

More striped tops: 

More comfy brown booties to add to your collection:

Never be scared to mix patterns. It is a fashion risk worth taking!

How is everyone doing back at work this week?

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Trending 11.26.16: shoes on SALE!

These are the top ten pairs of shoes you need for the holiday season and beyond. You are going to absolutely DROOL over these options! From tartan to sparkles, every shoe on my trending report will have you humming Christmas carols and ordering yourself a peppermint mocha.

[1.0] Scalloped and suede: what a combo!
These flats are perfect for a cute pair of cropped pants or a skirt.  They are totally channeling the covet-able Chloe flats (but at a fraction of the price). Also, they're 40% off! I want the red! Or navy! (Or both!)

[2.0] These pumps with a glittery heel!
I spotted these on the J. Crew Factory website and audibly gasped! They are currently 50% off, and they are just breathtaking. These beauts are very similar to the very expensive (but gorgeous) Kate Spade Sela pumps. To be honest, the Factory ones look soooo much more comfortable and versatile!

[3.0] The Isabelle Jeweled pump.
These are TO DIE FOR! And 50% off! They will make a statement at work or on the weekend. Think about pairing these with an LBD for your work Christmas party! I love the black kitten-heeled version, too! SO classy and fabulous.

[4.0] Suede, scalloped Mary Janes. I can't even!
The chunky heel makes these so comfortable for work. Check out that Merlot color, too! One of my all-time favorite pantone colors of the year. Oh, and they're 50% OFF!  Ah!!!!

[5.0] These crystal-studded block heels.
Using code "celebrate", you'll snag these stunners for 50%, too! The block heel is not only amazingly comfortable, but it is coming back into style in a hurry! I love any shoes I can teach in; these fit the bill! I envision these with a cropped pant (maybe a pair of Winnies) and a tartan collared shirt tucked in. Tis the season to wow everyone with your shoes!

[6.0] Tory Burch Minnie flats.
I own 3 pairs of these flats, you guys, and I would love to own 30 more. LOL. I am not kidding you-- you can stand in them all day with no discomfort. The Minnie version folds over (they have a split sole) for super easy travel/packing. I am looking at the navy pair for a future purchase for myself. But, look at the tortoise shell ones! AH!!! They also last FOREVER. I've had my pairs for an average of 4 years each.

[7.0] Tartan shoes are where it's at.
The entire Talbots website is currently 40% off. You have holiday parties to attend, why not snazz up a black dress with these blackwatch plaid flats? That sparkly bow! Or these pumps?

[8.0] Polka dots, glitter heels, lace up flats. I love everything about this!
J.Crew has never done a 40% off regularly priced items sale until this weekend. The shoes are included in this massive sale, too! Use code HOLIDAY at check out, and grab these glittery-polka-dotted-lace-up pieces of art before they sell out!

[9.0] OTK boots!
Every gal needs a pair of over-the-knee boots for the winter. I was, at first, adamantly opposed to them. I thought there was no way to pull them off without looking like you had questionable morals. HAHA! But I've now found that pairing them with an appropriate outfit makes them even wearable for WORK! These are 50% off from Loft with code FRIYAY! Loving the camel color!

[10.0] These Chanel-look-alike ballerinas.
I have longed for Chanel ballet flats for years. They're stupidly expensive, but boy are they gorgeous. Every fashion blogger I follow seems to have an abundant supply of them. I have found the perfect alternative (50% off, too!) for the teacher's budget. One day, I will own Chanel ballet flats. Until then, these are JUST as fab (and so much more economical). But, a girl can swoon, right?

The best part about shoes is they never get too small or too big. Accessories, like shoes, enhance outfits that you already own. If you're trying to be cognizant about spending on yourself around the holidays (I like to say I am cut off, but it's hard when these sales are SO EPIC!), you can add a pair (or two) of these shoes to your wardrobe, and work them into what you already own.

So the big question is, which are you buying?

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Tulle Skirts: Channeling my Inner Carrie Bradshaw with YM Boutique

Right before my wedding shower in Geneva, I told my mom I would LOVE a tutu for the shower. Ya know, like a Carrie Bradshaw one? I was envisioning this:

Well, Lsob was envisioning something a little different. Enter: this. 

^^ Please note my sweet friend Mandy LOSING it laughing in the back. HAHAHA! Sorry, mom, but that's not quite a tutu I could actually wear in public. #Iloveyoumom

^^^ but we did get use out of it as decoration at Anna's baby shower LOL

Additionally, we used it in our photobooth at our wedding hahaha ^ Our niece Audrey with us!

YM Boutique in Geneva is my favorite go-to store for on-trend pieces. The price point is amazing: they rarely sell anything over $60. I worked at YM this summer, and my boss was sweet enough to invite me along for a shoot last weekend to see their latest merch! 

My dreams of owning a tulle skirt have come true! YM currently has 2 different styles of the tulle skirt, both so perfect for holiday parties. 
The midi in lavender and blush^ 

The maxi in winter white ^

This Thea Maxi skirt is only $55 at YM Boutique!
I am obsessed with this color

Raised on Champagne graphic tee: here. (For my over 21 readers! haha!)

Similar maxi tulle skirts: here, here, here and here

How cute would a tulle skirt, graphic tee and statement necklace be for a holiday party? 

Here is a blush pink shorter version! I love it tucked in with a chambray shirt.
Blanket Scarf: $22.25 (SO soft!)
Chambray shirt: $24 
Tulle skirt (also in lavender) : $30 

Additional midi tulle skirts: here, here and here in burgundy.

Every tulle skirt you will ever need: 

Ready to channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw?

Monday, November 14, 2016

Tartan & Hunters-- Feeling Holiday Vibes!

Oh my GOSH you guys. I got totally knocked on my butt last week, thanks to some "upper-respiratory-infection-disaster"! I had to miss 2 days of work! I was couch-bound and totally useless. It wasn't the flu or strep (got those tests at the doc), but BOY was it horrendous! Saturday was the first day since Tuesday that I finally felt more myself. I still sound awful, but at least I've regained enough energy to entirely disinfect our apartment, lol. Poor Mike caught it, too!

I don't know if it was the colder temps or some of the windowfronts around downtown Geneva being decorated for Christmas, but I am suddenly getting into the holiday spirit. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. At Thanksgiving, you still have the rest of the season to look forward to. I absolutely love Christmas, of course, but it's the end of the holiday season, and it makes me a little downtrodden. If that makes sense at all? So, gearing up for Thanksgiving is my most favorite time of year, too!

^^Shout out to my BFF Court for my favorite ever earrings. I always wear these! Best gift ever, girl!

Andrea, a former student of mine, has started a photography business! She reached out to me because she liked reading the blog, which was the sweetest compliment. She is extremely talented, shooting for Baby Bella Newborn Photography and senior portraits in the area. If you're in need of a photographer for your kiddos, your engagement pictures or even your wedding, look into Andrea's Insta @SwoffordPhotography and like her page on FB: Swofford Photography!

I got this J. Crew Perfect Shirt from my mom last year for Christmas. I absolutely love it-- I pair it with skirts, jeans and nice pants for work. It reminds me of the holiday season because of that tartan print. The Perfect Shirts from J. Crew run true to size. For reference, I'm wearing a 6. (Side note: this year J. Crew Factory is actually selling this shirt. They call it their "Perfect Fit" shirt. These are equally as fantastic and are much cheaper. MAJOR WIN! They, too, fit TTS. I wear a small in Factory's).

Some other fabulous plaid shirts to wear while drinking your red holiday cups:

And even cheaper ones, thanks to J. Crew Factory! 

Honestly, I can notice no difference between J. Crew Factory and regular J. Crew pieces. I say go with the cheaper! It looks identical! Also, like I said, the shirt I am wearing is from J. Crew last year, and now Factory has rolled it out for the season. #savingswin

THIS RUFFLE. I can't even deal with the cuteness of it.

This skirt. OH my gosh. Let me tell you a little story about myself. When I find something I like, I tend to buy multiples of it, in different colors. That way, I also know it fits, and I love the style, etc. Enter: this Wool Sidewalk Skirt. I now own it in a sparkly khaki linen, a coral linen, a tartan wool and a black wool. I always get it for $35 or less, and I just order it from the website because I know my size: 4 for the weekends (slightly shorter) or 6 if I'm wearing it more for work. PS: major throwback to last year's Christmas day outfit. Tartan Sidewalk skirt!

Anddddd. It just slides on. No buttons or zippers, hurray!  Major comfort win. Tuck in your shirt, and you're holiday party (or work)- ready.

I can't recommend Hunters more. I throw on a pair of boot socks with these bad boys in the winter, and I can trudge to Pure Barre while staying warm and dry in knee-high snow drifts. They're perfect for the rain; I'm the only person who intentionally steps into puddles. Haha! I have them in Aubergine, too. I have both pairs in the matte finish, but the glossy finish is fab, too! Note: never pay full price for your Hunters! Costco sells them for as low as $75. I bought mine on sale in the shoe room at Von Maur and my others back when I lived in Chicago at Akira on sale. LOL (party tops and Hunters, obvi!).

And as always, my trusty Burberry jacket. I have to always say the disclaimer about this coat: I didn't buy it for myself. My ex-BF got me this gem, before my darling Mike came into my life. I think that was his only redeeming quality-- hahaha. Oops! Mike knows, and we always laugh. It's an heirloom; a total classic coat that I will have forever. One day, if there are girl Fremeau babes, they can fight over it (or else my Goddaughter and nieces get it)! It is the perfect weight for 40-60 degree temperatures, making it the ideal fall jacket.

It's a coat that you will wear for the rest of your life. When you think in PPW (price per wears) like I do, it all works out with a coat you'll have for a lifetime. I own a medium for reference.

My necklace: here.
The J.Crew Factory Multistrand pearl necklace. This was a gift from my friend Jackie, YEARS ago. I still wear it constantly! I've since gifted them to other friends and family members. It's an absolute classic.

I cannot thank Andrea enough for the fab photoshoot in dt Geneva. She is going to be HUGE! She's an art student currently, working hard through her first year of college. So proud of her and so lucky to be photographed by this gal! Andrea was so sweet; she's like, "will your husband feel overthrown not taking pictures today?" hahaha! No! You're a professional, girl! :)

How's your Monday so far? Stay healthy!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Trending 11.8.2016

I can't believe it's been almost 2 months since my last Trending report! I found some items I just HAD to share! Time for what's #trending in my world. [author's note: just realized this post is super plaid/tartan-heavy! hahah! 'tis the season!]

[1.0] OMG. These tartan monogrammed gloves. I am hyperventilating over these. Currently on sale! Wouldn't they make the perfect stocking stuffer for your sister/cousin/bestie?

[2.0] This festive pleated midi skirt from Express. I LOVE the green and red. Holiday parties, anyone? It comes in black, too, for a polished and practical work staple.

[3.0] This ruffle front henley from Loft.
How cute would that be tucked into a red skirt? Or paired with red skinnies? I actually just bought it in red, and it fits so fabulously! I wore it over black skinny crops when I still had my brace on, but I will re-wear it tucked into jeans for the weekend.

[4.0] My future dressier winter coat from J. Crew Factory.
I have another version of this coat without the hood from a few years ago. It is SO WARM, even without a hood, so I cannot imagine how cozy it will be with a furry hood! I am watching the red one for major sales! I've seen it dip as low as $160. There is an identical J. Crew version of it for $400. #NOPE

[5.0] This Lululemon Scuba hoody in navy.
I've been looking for a navy zip-up for Fridays at work, and this fits the bill! I have had several Scuba hoodies over the years, and they are ridiculously warm and cozy. The hood is epic, too. It literally zips all around your head and ears. Amaze!

[6.0] This Holiday Tartan Ruffle dress for every. single. holiday. event. you have in the books!
Vineyard Vines' Holiday Tartan looks amazing on this vest and this Shep shirt. I love all three! Here is a less expensive (but equally adorbs) version from J. Crew Factory.

[7.0] This J. Crew lace peplum top (loving the magenta!).
It will be perfect with dark, skinny jeans and black pumps for the weekend. Pair it with a tailored blazer for workday wear.

[8.0] My sweet galpal, Taryn, from Pure Barre left this link on my Facebook wall. IT HAD TO BE MINE!  I ordered it, and a few days later it arrived! Emi Jay has adorable graphic tees/tanks/sweatshirts that are one size fits all. They're SUPER comfy and look fab with a strappy, bright sports bra. I'm on week 2/4 of physical therapy, but I'll be back to the barre soon enough! Can't wait to wear this and reunite with my girls.

[9.0] Are you in need of a top to wear for Christmas? Or for Christmas pics with the fam? Look no further! Anna, Ashley-- want to wear these on Christmas? I am like 99.9% serious. HAHA! To match Finn???

I am biased toward loving navy as a Wildcat and former Belle, but seriously, this ruffle and that navy!! For all seasons.

I hope your week is off to a wonderful start.
Are you loving the warmer temps, or are you ready for cozy sweaters?