Sunday, November 20, 2016

Tulle Skirts: Channeling my Inner Carrie Bradshaw with YM Boutique

Right before my wedding shower in Geneva, I told my mom I would LOVE a tutu for the shower. Ya know, like a Carrie Bradshaw one? I was envisioning this:

Well, Lsob was envisioning something a little different. Enter: this. 

^^ Please note my sweet friend Mandy LOSING it laughing in the back. HAHAHA! Sorry, mom, but that's not quite a tutu I could actually wear in public. #Iloveyoumom

^^^ but we did get use out of it as decoration at Anna's baby shower LOL

Additionally, we used it in our photobooth at our wedding hahaha ^ Our niece Audrey with us!

YM Boutique in Geneva is my favorite go-to store for on-trend pieces. The price point is amazing: they rarely sell anything over $60. I worked at YM this summer, and my boss was sweet enough to invite me along for a shoot last weekend to see their latest merch! 

My dreams of owning a tulle skirt have come true! YM currently has 2 different styles of the tulle skirt, both so perfect for holiday parties. 
The midi in lavender and blush^ 

The maxi in winter white ^

This Thea Maxi skirt is only $55 at YM Boutique!
I am obsessed with this color

Raised on Champagne graphic tee: here. (For my over 21 readers! haha!)

Similar maxi tulle skirts: here, here, here and here

How cute would a tulle skirt, graphic tee and statement necklace be for a holiday party? 

Here is a blush pink shorter version! I love it tucked in with a chambray shirt.
Blanket Scarf: $22.25 (SO soft!)
Chambray shirt: $24 
Tulle skirt (also in lavender) : $30 

Additional midi tulle skirts: here, here and here in burgundy.

Every tulle skirt you will ever need: 

Ready to channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw?

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