Monday, November 14, 2016

Tartan & Hunters-- Feeling Holiday Vibes!

Oh my GOSH you guys. I got totally knocked on my butt last week, thanks to some "upper-respiratory-infection-disaster"! I had to miss 2 days of work! I was couch-bound and totally useless. It wasn't the flu or strep (got those tests at the doc), but BOY was it horrendous! Saturday was the first day since Tuesday that I finally felt more myself. I still sound awful, but at least I've regained enough energy to entirely disinfect our apartment, lol. Poor Mike caught it, too!

I don't know if it was the colder temps or some of the windowfronts around downtown Geneva being decorated for Christmas, but I am suddenly getting into the holiday spirit. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. At Thanksgiving, you still have the rest of the season to look forward to. I absolutely love Christmas, of course, but it's the end of the holiday season, and it makes me a little downtrodden. If that makes sense at all? So, gearing up for Thanksgiving is my most favorite time of year, too!

^^Shout out to my BFF Court for my favorite ever earrings. I always wear these! Best gift ever, girl!

Andrea, a former student of mine, has started a photography business! She reached out to me because she liked reading the blog, which was the sweetest compliment. She is extremely talented, shooting for Baby Bella Newborn Photography and senior portraits in the area. If you're in need of a photographer for your kiddos, your engagement pictures or even your wedding, look into Andrea's Insta @SwoffordPhotography and like her page on FB: Swofford Photography!

I got this J. Crew Perfect Shirt from my mom last year for Christmas. I absolutely love it-- I pair it with skirts, jeans and nice pants for work. It reminds me of the holiday season because of that tartan print. The Perfect Shirts from J. Crew run true to size. For reference, I'm wearing a 6. (Side note: this year J. Crew Factory is actually selling this shirt. They call it their "Perfect Fit" shirt. These are equally as fantastic and are much cheaper. MAJOR WIN! They, too, fit TTS. I wear a small in Factory's).

Some other fabulous plaid shirts to wear while drinking your red holiday cups:

And even cheaper ones, thanks to J. Crew Factory! 

Honestly, I can notice no difference between J. Crew Factory and regular J. Crew pieces. I say go with the cheaper! It looks identical! Also, like I said, the shirt I am wearing is from J. Crew last year, and now Factory has rolled it out for the season. #savingswin

THIS RUFFLE. I can't even deal with the cuteness of it.

This skirt. OH my gosh. Let me tell you a little story about myself. When I find something I like, I tend to buy multiples of it, in different colors. That way, I also know it fits, and I love the style, etc. Enter: this Wool Sidewalk Skirt. I now own it in a sparkly khaki linen, a coral linen, a tartan wool and a black wool. I always get it for $35 or less, and I just order it from the website because I know my size: 4 for the weekends (slightly shorter) or 6 if I'm wearing it more for work. PS: major throwback to last year's Christmas day outfit. Tartan Sidewalk skirt!

Anddddd. It just slides on. No buttons or zippers, hurray!  Major comfort win. Tuck in your shirt, and you're holiday party (or work)- ready.

I can't recommend Hunters more. I throw on a pair of boot socks with these bad boys in the winter, and I can trudge to Pure Barre while staying warm and dry in knee-high snow drifts. They're perfect for the rain; I'm the only person who intentionally steps into puddles. Haha! I have them in Aubergine, too. I have both pairs in the matte finish, but the glossy finish is fab, too! Note: never pay full price for your Hunters! Costco sells them for as low as $75. I bought mine on sale in the shoe room at Von Maur and my others back when I lived in Chicago at Akira on sale. LOL (party tops and Hunters, obvi!).

And as always, my trusty Burberry jacket. I have to always say the disclaimer about this coat: I didn't buy it for myself. My ex-BF got me this gem, before my darling Mike came into my life. I think that was his only redeeming quality-- hahaha. Oops! Mike knows, and we always laugh. It's an heirloom; a total classic coat that I will have forever. One day, if there are girl Fremeau babes, they can fight over it (or else my Goddaughter and nieces get it)! It is the perfect weight for 40-60 degree temperatures, making it the ideal fall jacket.

It's a coat that you will wear for the rest of your life. When you think in PPW (price per wears) like I do, it all works out with a coat you'll have for a lifetime. I own a medium for reference.

My necklace: here.
The J.Crew Factory Multistrand pearl necklace. This was a gift from my friend Jackie, YEARS ago. I still wear it constantly! I've since gifted them to other friends and family members. It's an absolute classic.

I cannot thank Andrea enough for the fab photoshoot in dt Geneva. She is going to be HUGE! She's an art student currently, working hard through her first year of college. So proud of her and so lucky to be photographed by this gal! Andrea was so sweet; she's like, "will your husband feel overthrown not taking pictures today?" hahaha! No! You're a professional, girl! :)

How's your Monday so far? Stay healthy!


  1. They sell Hunters at Costco??!! Ohh I know what I'm asking my mom to get me for Christmas!
    Glad you are feeling better ��

    1. thank you so much, gal! Yes, they do! for great prices! I am sooooo excited for your new addition to the family! You look radiant and your babe is PERFECT! XXOO

  2. This outfit is SO CUTE I love it!
    Kelsey |

  3. Mary, thank you so much for your sweet comment & health well wishes! I'm definitely starting to feel a little better... so fingers crossed that continues! And I love this outfit, Hunters are my fave and you've styled them so beautifully! xo

    1. I am so glad you're feeling better! Thank you so much about my outfit! that means a lot coming from such a fashionista!!