Friday, July 21, 2017

Polka Dot Skirt + Tee + Lantern Earrings = a 30 second outfit!

I had the honor of having Andrea of Swofford Photography take some pics for me the other evening in St. Charles, and I LOVED the results of the outfit with the fun walls! Andrea is incredibly talented-- and only a sophomore in college, you guys! How about that for successful??  She always has the best ideas for fabulous outfit shots. I'm so proud of her! (I used to teach her!! Now she's all grown up and a total boss lady!).  

This outfit is truly a 30-second, no brainer, easy peasy lemon squeezy outfit. For real! 

I am obsessed with these pull on sidewalk skirts. I know I never shut up about them (lol do you see a theme? I find something I like/fits me, and then I buy it in a bunch of colors and patterns. Haha! I am becoming my mom-- which is a good thing!). 

Some of the solid colored "Sidewalk" skirts are down to $18 with code: clearout. 

I have this skirt in black, khaki, red and green plaid, polka dots, coral and gingham. BUT, I always get them super on sale, and they wash so well! My first Sidewalk skirt was purchased 4 years ago, and I still wear it a ton. It's the perfect length to teach in! 

The pull-on, stretchy waistline is my favorite part! This particular skirt is a 6, but I also have a few that are 4s. The 6s are definitely a better length for school!

I have 3 pairs now (!) in various colors from J. Crew Factory. But, in my defense, they were all on major sale! These were down to $13 when I purchased them. They're down to $20 now, and I promise it is worth it! 

They are lightweight which is so good for my poor earlobes. Funny story, for some reason, the 14 year old at Claire's who was piercing my 12 year old lobes circa 1999 totally missed. I have three random holes on both lobes, none of which align, and all of which are dangerously close to running into each other (sorry, that's so gross hahaha). Thus, I need REALLY lightweight earrings, which isn't great when statement earrings are all the rage. Sigh. BUT ALAS! I found these! They weigh close to nothing, and they are so darn cute. 

Side note: who knew the side of a mechanic building could be so pretty and colorful! LOLOL!  I think they were confused by Andrea and me + her sweet BF, Austin, who helped with the shoot. But, they have a pink painted side of the building! Who could resist!? 

They are restocked online! Remember, if you have a Redcard shipping is free! And 5% off!
I LOOOOVE that pink. And the taupe. OMG, I need another pair! 
I do love the non-dupe Sam Edelmann striped ones, but I am too in love with paying $20 for slides to spend $63. I did include them below because they're really stinkin' cute!


^Cross body foldover 

^Biggest crossbody!

Okay, you guys. This Tory Burch bag is one of my go-tos for convenience. This bag has a pretty funny story behind it (don't worry, Mike already knows this!). It is a gift from my ex-boyfriend :::rolls eyes::: haha! Every year for the past 6 years since I've owned it, I go to put it on eBay to get rid of that juju from the ex, and I always wimp out and don't post it. Why? Not because I want to keep any memories of my ex, but because it is literally the best crossbody purse, ever.
Case in point: Lollapalooza. I have been going to Lolla since 2009 when I moved to the city after college, and I have struggled to find the perfect bag to bring in the permitted 2- 1 liter water bottles. This does the job! Every year since I have met Mike, I tell him, "I'm selling this!" and he's like, "BUT, it's your LOLLA bag!" He's right. It's too good. You can wear it three ways, as shown above. Now, Tory Burch is in no way inexpensive. But, this is a bag that will last for years to come (it's already 5 years old). It is an investment, for sure. I will link less expensive ones, too! 

Bracelet: KJP from my sweet friend, Sarah. 

Watch: Michael Kors-  I bought this at the #nsale when I got my first, full-time teaching job after college in 2009! It still runs like a gem, and I wear it nearly every day!

Change of shoes! Because who doesn't change her sandals to match her wall?!

I love these monogrammed Jacks. Again, I am a broken record about Jack Rogers Jacks, but they are comfort plus and truly classic!

More convertible bags:

More lantern earrings:

More bow sandals:

Who is shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?! OMG, general admission access begins today! Get shopping, guys!


  1. llooooovvveeee that crossbody! 😍cute and practical!

    1. Thank you, girl!! I agree!! And has withstood the test of time, for real!