Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Scalloped/ Scoop Back Dress in Lake Geneva

Happy Wednesday! 

Before I start this post, you guys have to watch the most hilarious YouTube video ever. My friend Leah sent it to Mike and me, and we laughed our butts off. Mike is seriously the most patient man ever for taking all my millions of pics. Love you, Instagram husband! haha!!!

Now, on to the look of the day! 

This Camilyn Beth dress is a dream. I wore it in my engagement photos 3 years ago, to my Geneva wedding shower, and a bunch of times in between. It is an investment dress that you will wear a TON. 

^^ where Mike and I met!! 

All engagement pics by the amazing Meagan Hudak of Blossom Lane Photography.  She is incredibly talented!! 

This is a great view of the Historic Maxwell Mansion in Lake Geneva, WI, where we stayed over the weekend! This the view from our balcony. 

^^ The Maxwell Mansion was the first ever mansion built in Lake Geneva, WI. It was built in 1856! Cool, right? 

My book clutch is from our wedding! As are my shoes! I love to re-wear both a lot. Now that you mention it, my bracelet is also from our wedding. LOL!

Similar shoes (mine were on clearance for $90 at J.Crew 3 years ago- lol!). These are identical and $59-- but in silver glitter! 

More scalloped-hem dresses in various price points and colors: 

^^ Maxwell Mansion was definitely horsey/stable themed. I kept sending pics to my girl, Jenny, because she loves horses! 

Thanks to Annalisa at Beautiful You salon in St. Charles for my fresh cut and curls! 

^^The grounds of the hotel were just remarkable. SO many beautiful flowers!

^^Okay, one of the coolest parts. The Apothecary bar! 

^^ The bartenders even had lab coats because they were "pharmacists". A little step back into time!

^^ Champagne for days 

Nuts in beakers! So darn cute.

How handsome did Mike look in his seersucker pants? Love those. Everyone loved his flamingo bow tie, too!  

Our bartenders were amazing. SO friendly, and they were super knowledgeable about the hotel and Lake Geneva. 

More Camilyn Beth picks:

1. Pure class for a wedding guest dress; that royal blue and ruffle neckline are to die for!
2. Love, love, love the nautical-ness of this one and those bell sleeves!  

The "great room" was stunning. 

How beautiful is that?!

I 110% recommend staying at the Maxwell Mansion in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin! We had such a fantastic experience! If you missed my last post, check it out here to see the inside of the rooms! There is also a pool, bocce court, and tons of gardens around the grounds of the hotel. The speakeasy in the basement of the hotel was made to resemble a real prohibition era speakeasy, and you had to enter with a password! SO COOL!!!  I felt like I was in The Great Gatsby

Have you ever been to Lake Geneva? Where'd you stay?


  1. Beautiful pics and lovely dress! Love the back detail--the scoop back and the buttons.

    And that hotel you stayed at--the inside reminds me of the manor house we had our wedding at!! Love it.


    1. Thanks so much, Jac!! I loved those buttons, too! A cute little addition! Ohhhh! Your wedding venue sounds amazing!! I bet it was gorgeous! Thanks so much for reading :):)