Thursday, July 28, 2016

Black Orchid Denim and Jori & June!

I recently found the most incredible-fitting pair of jeans at Jori & June in downtown Geneva. I first wrote about Jori & June here-- I still wear my tassel necklace SO much. In fact, my sweet bro-in-law, Shawn, bought one for my sister Anna, too because she loved mine! (Pictured below with my nephew, Finn! Omg! He's too cute for words!)

I went into Jori & June to claim a gift certificate I had won from a drawing after posting myself with my Jori & June purchase; I never win anything, so this was seriously the best surprise ever (also, it was incredibly generous-- I was floored-- thank you so much!). Plus, I adore the owner, Melissa, and everything J&J posts on social media is amazing. (Follow them on Facebook: Jori & June and on Insta: @JoriandJune).  It is so fun for me to shop locally and support small businesses in my town when I can. It was a special occasion with my gift certificate, so I went a little wild (in my defense, I do have a summer job now!). But, my outfit was worth every cent. Also, hanging and shopping with Melissa was so great! 

These Black Orchid jeans are the best jeans I have ever owned. Hands down. 
One of the owners of Jori & June said she can wear hers 3-4 times without any unwanted sagginess or stretching. 

I bought an amazing tank top with my jeans, something totally unique and different, by LA Made. I hadn't heard of Black Orchid or LA Made, but now I follow both on Instagram. They have such a one-of-a-kind style, and it is something that you can't find at your typical mall stores.

This top! I seriously died over it when I saw it on the Jori & June Facebook page. It's so distinct-- I will wear it with jeans and shorts all summer long, and then I will pair it with some (tasteful) (faux) leather leggings come fall. Be sure you check out my Boomerang video on Insta and Facebook (@BelleOnTrend) of me putting it on. HA!
Head into Jori & June quickly because they still have a few left! 
I have an XS for reference, but a small would've been just fine. (They didn't have a small when I was in, but I liked the top THAT much-- haha!). 


These jeans!

I usually buy jeans for under $50 from Loft, Banana Republic or Gap. Mike always tells me, "You get what you pay for, Mar" when I complain about cheaply made clothing. I guess it makes sense that my $34 jeans are pilling after a few washes and stretch out beyond re-wearing after 1 wear. 
Enter: Black Orchid Denim. 
Melissa had these on in the store when I popped in. She raved about them, and they looked SO darn cute on her. I had to try them.  
Well, now it's my turn to do the raving! They are so flattering, they don't sag or stretch out, and they are comfortable! I love them! 

My earrings are my go-to Stella and Dot chandeliers, from about 7 years ago. 
But here, here and here are some equally fabulous options. If you want to buy from Stella and Dot and need a seller, I have a couple great gals who would love to sell to you! LMK!

I can't get enough of these Toms booties. 
You guys are probably sick of me raving about them, but they are SO comfortable and easy to wear.
Here, here and here are different colors and materials of the bootie.
My next purchase will be these black ones

We took photos at the Batavia Fabyan Parkway windmill, and it was beautiful. Such a cool site so close to us.  I've run past it for years, but I've never taken the time to stop and have a look. 

"Be a windmill!" My idea. haha

Below are the steps to get your LA Made tank on just right. It looks confusing, but trust me, it's easy! 
1. It's actually a long piece of fabric that will go around your neck.

2. Twist said piece of fabric! 

3. There's a little soft piece of fabric for behind your neck so you know it's set up properly. LOL
Ignore my stank face. 

4. Over the neck!

5. Even it out!

6. Fix your hair-- obvi!

7. Start to get situated... 

8. Ta da! Just the most adorable, drapey, one-of-a-kind, totally unique tank I own!

Cool story about this bag: it was actually my mom's! She bought it for herself when she was hired at Boardman Center Middle School in 1980 (where she then was a guidance counselor until 2009 when she retired!).  Side note: Anna and I both attended BCMS, too!
It's a vintage Coach bag! It is 36 years old-- amazing!  It just goes to show how long real, quality leather will last. It has a nice patina on the back of it, too. The strap is adjustable to be cross-body, as well. 
I am loving this and this as similar alternatives. 

More fun drapey tanks:

Are you in the market for the perfect jean? You MUST go to Jori & June! It's located in downtown Geneva, 25 S. 3rd Street, directly across from the Post Office. Visit their website, like them on Facebook and be sure to follow them on Instagram (@JoriandJune)!

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