Monday, August 1, 2016

Trending 8.1.16

I am so excited about this week's #trending report!  I have some good leads on "first day of school" outfits for all you teachers out there (trust me, as a teacher, it's as exciting to pick out your first day outfit as when you were a student!). J. Crew, Banana Republic and Loft are all kicking butt and taking names right now. Also, I found you some sunnies that you will want immediately for the remainder of summer! Check out what's trending in my world:

[1.0]  This pineapple dress and this oranges and lemons dress!
When browsing Asos, I found the coolest designer ever! I had never heard of it-- Horrockses. The style of the prints is very pop-art. I can't even get over that bow on the back of the pineapple dress-- it's soooo cute!  Total #wishlist items!

[2.0]  This blazer for back to school wearing in the fall.
And, it's on sale for under $65! It is hard to come by a quality blazer at such a reasonable price point. Remember, the Nordies Anniversary Sale ends August 8, so act fast! But that blazer is so great for work in any different line of work which you may be involved. 

[3.0] This mug, for all my peeps from home!
It is the cutest mug ever for all my Boardman/Youngstown friends. Home is where your mom is! So true. Ivory and Birch is so darling! I know it's not wearable, per se, but isn't it so flippin awesome? Y-towners: this might be something good to put away for Christmas or Mother's Day for mom! 

[4.0]  These Illesteva sunglasses.
Every blogger I follow is losing her mind over these sunnies. I have to admit, I didn't originally love them, but now I am obsessed. They totally grew on me! Plus, the sale price is making me smile. Here is a pair that is less expensive and equally adorbs. You have many months of sun ahead, why not pick up a new pair of sunglasses? 

[5.0] These Goddess Leggings by Alo. 
I am not kidding you or exaggerating when I say Alo leggings lift your ledge and flatten your tummy! They're incredible! I own a pair of Goddess Leggings with a pink pattern on top. I also just bought these black ones at Pure Barre Geneva after class the other morning (oops-- a reward for going to a 6 am class before 9 hours of work? Yes. I'll go with that). They're true to size-- I wear a small. If you're comparing by Lululemon sizes, I am typically a 4 in Wunder Under tights. I swear, getting out of bed this morning for 7:10 am Pure Barre was so much easier in my new tights-- haha! Placebo effect? Maybe. But, I'll take it!

[6.0] This Alo Bralette.
You're going to need this in yellow to match your new leggings, obvi! Real talk: this is the most comfortable and well-fitting sports bra, ever. It is longer, with a mesh layer underneath. It's so flattering and looks fantastic under all tanks. The back has a great design, too. Perfect for your open-back tanks! I own it in blush, and I would love to pick it up in ALL colors!

[7.0] This work-appropriate, show-stopper lace dress.
This dress has it all: it's bright, collared and lace. I can definitely foresee this as my first day of school dress! (Of course it will be longer on me than this beautifully leggy model). I just got a 50% in the mail for Banana, so I will tuck it away to spend on this beaut!  If you prefer a more subtle hue for your wardrobe, it also comes in navy-- score!

[8.0] This ruffled shirt for work.
The bright emerald color is really breathtakingly gorgeous. This can be paired with a high-waisted skirt, tucked in, or with khaki chinos and Sperrys. It's just such a fun spin on a classy top. The white version would be extremely practical, too! 

[9.0] This flare-sleeve tee.
It is 40% off $44 currently! I drooled over a striped version of this from J.Crew for months, but I never pulled the trigger, and thus lost my opportunity to own it. SO, now I can get my flare-sleeved fix! Also, that price! Loft just sent me a $10 off card. Can't wait to do some back-to-school shopping. Teachers and students-- don't forget that both Loft and J. Crew offer 20% off to teachers and students with a valid ID! 

[10.0] This floral skirt and this faux leather pleated skirt.
You need this two skirts for your fall/winter wardrobe. Last year I hemmed and hawed about purchasing this pleated faux leather skirt, and, of course missed my window of opportunity. BUT! Fear not! It's baaaaack! And with an additional color! The beauty of this faux leather skirt is you could tuck a crisp collared shirt into it or wear it with a cozy sweater. All you'll need for your floral skirt is a plain shirt (any of the colors in the skirt will do!). Actually, pair it with [8.0] and get an even bigger discount at J. Crew! 

And... a bonus! These shoes are quite possibly the most beautiful shoes I've laid eyes on. I know my girl Jules will love them, too! Out of my price range, but they are definitely a shoe I will watch like a hawk until they go on sale as low as my J. Crew sparkly wedding shoes did. I'm such a wimp about a heel, too, so this chunky, low heel really appeals to me. 

What's on your wish list right now? I hope you have a wonderful start to your month! Can you even believe it's August?! I can't! Where is the summer going! Sllooowwww downnnnnn, sweet summer! 


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