Monday, August 8, 2016

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is a special day. My dad is turning 68! He's a devoted reader and supporter (hype man in Ohio for me) of the blog, so the least I could do was share some of my favorite pictures of us. Hi, dad! I'll also link the shirts my sister and I bought him (he has already opened the box-- haha not giving any surprises away!) from Lands End. We even got his sweater monogrammed! #DadOnTrend


Many thanks to Meagan Hudak of Blossom Lane Photography for the above photos from our wedding. Check her out; she is incredible! (Also, the wedding inquiries page on her website has a photograph of us on it! Makes me so happy!)

The above photograph was taken in Ohio at my wedding shower by the unbelievably talented Joe Fairley of Fairley Foto. Jamie and Joe (my bff and her husband) photograph all over PA and Ohio! They've traveled all over the country (and world!) for weddings, too. Look them up, as well!

My dress: Lilly Pulitzer, similar here and here
Anna's scalloped dress: Loft, similar here

A couple throw back pics of dad and his girls!

Dad with Finn. Grandpa! 

Dad wanting to make it on the blog. He has made it! But I told him to get invest in some lower socks bahaha and maybe lose the cargos lololol. ("But they're so practical! I can carry everything in them!")

Meeting his grandson for the first time. 
Love this moment.

Happy birthday to you, Dad! I wish I was in Ohio to take you out to dinner! I have a feeling this will be your best year yet. Thank you for instilling the love of education and all things reading/English related in me. I wish I had your sense of direction-- haha! Love you!

Here is the polo we bought him (monogrammable!) in cobalt. The price point is outstanding!
This is the sweater (also monogrammable!) in black. Lands' End has some fantastic sales. Signing up for their emails also gives you 30% off your purchase. I am a sucker for a monogrammed canvas tote bag, and my friend Jenny gave me the best one for Christmas. I absolutely love the way you can monogram any of your shirts and bags at LE!



  1. Mary, I called your dad today and he was very excited about this posting. Very nicely done. Paul

    1. I'm so glad he liked it so much! That makes me so happy! thanks, Uncle Paul! xxoo