Monday, July 18, 2016

New Buffalo Anniversary Trip, Night One

I cannot say enough about how wonderful our anniversary weekend was. (Check out my first ever Belle On Trend post about our wedding!)  We had SUCH a good experience where we stayed, ate and dined/explored! Mike planned this whole weekend himself for us, which was the kindest gift to me ever.  Our first anniversary trip was absolutely fantastic, and I want to recommend the places we went to you. Whether you have an anniversary or birthday approaching, this is a spot for you and your significant other.

This is the deck outside our door at the Lake Country Inn. It is a small hotel, with about 10 rooms, but each is a color. We were in the "red room", not to be confused with REDRUM, haha. It was SO CLEAN and spacious and gorgeous. Everyone we met who worked at the hotel (the owner, his wife, another employee) were just so lovely. They were kind and happy we were there. The other people we ran into who were also staying there were all so friendly. It was awesome.

I LOVE Adirondack chairs. I don't know why, but I have such an affinity for them, particularly colorful ones. When I saw these on the deck, I was sold! 
The Lake Country Inn is walking distance to anything you'd want to do/see in New Buffalo. Staying on the water or marina is much more expensive, but honestly, this was the greatest experience that even if we had more money to spend, I wouldn't choose another location. 

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer. Mike bought me this one down in Florida in March, but linked are the updated patterns.
Earrings: old Stella and Dot, similar here
Lips: Stila in Amalfi

This is my favorite Lilly Pulitzer dress I've ever worn (and not just because my hubs bought it for me!). It is fit and flare, which is most flattering on my body. It has a half zip back that is stretchy. I needed a size 4 for this, so I sized down from the shift dresses (I am typically a 6 in those). 
Purse: old Banana Republic, similar here.
Wedges: old Lilly Pulitzer (4 years old to be exact! I will always know because I purchased them for my mom and step dad's wedding in July 2012). Updated styles here and here

The outdoor/backyard area of the Inn was so peaceful and shady. We loved sitting on the deck to eat our breakfast (which was complimentary, I might add!). 

Bangles: left, old Kate Spade, similar here. Right, bow bracelets (and here) by Kate Spade.
Watch: Michael Kors. Pro-tip about MK watches: both my silver and gold MK watches were purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in years past. I have had my watches since 2009/2010-- they last forever! I've only replaced one battery on my silver watch. But, definitely wait to get the Michael Kors watches on the #Nsale. Starting very soon (credit card holders had access on July 14), you'll be in Nordies Heaven!

Mrs. neckace: Kate Spade.

Another huge bonus to this dress: POCKETS!!!!!! 

Had to turn the camera on my amazing hubs.
One of the many reasons I am so madly in love with him is his style. He's effortlessly cool, and I love that about him. He bought these gingham pants, and I DIED! STYLISH! 

Sunglasses: Kate Spade.

We walked over to the marina for a spectacular dinner at Bentwood Tavern. I highly, highly, highly recommend their crab salad, guacamole and shrimp (the trio!) as an appetizer! YUM! 

Gorgeous view from dinner. 

Outside the Bentwood Tavern with my love.

The wind kicked up my skirt a little-- haha!
I will say, this dress is shorter than my typical Lilly dresses. However, I usually wear a size 6, so that might have something to do with it. Also, the heels might add to it. 

I was so shocked at how late the sun went down in Michigan! I couldn't believe it was this light out at 9 pm! Mike grew up in Michigan, and he was used to this.  I was really surprised and jealous, haha. I would have loved to play outside as a kid until 9:30 pm!
Gorgeous sunset by the marina. 

Even better view with my MAN! 

Have you ever been to New Buffalo? I had only driven through on a few trips from South Bend to Chicago, stopping at Redamaks (!!!). Thanks to Julie for exposing me to those amazing burgs! It is another must-do-- Velveeta cheese burgers at Redamaks on your way home! More on that in the next installment... ;-)


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