Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale Top Picks: Menswear Edition!

Thanks to my very trendy and snappy-dressing husband, here are the top ten picks for men during the #Nsale!  Feel free to reach out to Mike in my comments below or tweet at him @Fremeauji with any additional questions. He picked these out; I am just doing the writing :) Remember, prices go back to normal on August 8. Act fast!

1. These Bonobos colored chinos.
They are perfect for work! Mike wears a colored pant and collared shirt on the daily to his office. The colors are fun for summer, spring and fall. Loving "Canyon Red", personally. They're comfortable and practical; you'll wear these a ton!

2. This very practical gingham work shirt.
There isn't a chore Mike and I hate more than ironing. So, we tend to not iron (insert monkey emoji covering its eyes!). Thankfully, this gingham shirt is non-iron! Amen! (Side note: we do love our steamer, thanks to Kelly and Rob. THAT is a Godsend). Mike loves Banana Republic shirts, but he was amazed that this Nordstrom find was much less expensive than his typical collared shirt from BR. My man loves a slim-fit shirt, and this is tailored and not boxy. Side note: I'm LOLing currently because Mike left for work this morning in an exact combo of numbers 1 and 2. Haha!

3. These classic Sperrys.
Speaking of Mike's outfit for work today-- it was definitely numbers 1, 2, and 3 combined. Haha! Mike owns 3 pairs of Sperrys (navy, green and brown) and wears them to work daily. I, too, have 3 pairs (gray, brown and blush), but honestly, I have had some of my Sperrys since 2009 and before. They LAST. My dear friend Jenny informed me last year that they are washable!  I gave it a whirl, and low and behold, they looked brand new. Talk about transforming your college Sperrys into something acceptable for work!

4. This Patagonia pullover.
Mike loves this for leaving the gym in the fall/winter. He doesn't like to lug his big puffer into the gym where he boxes, but this keeps him warm without being overly bulky. Also, it becomes a base layer for the real winter cold in Illinois. This is an outstanding pricepoint for Patagonia! This might be something to buy now and stick away for a Christmas gift. #justsayin

5. These Red Wing Work Boots.
When Mike was compiling this list for me, he goes, "Okay, you're going to laugh at these boots. But hear me out!"  When he said work boots, I got a flashback of the tan work boots I would wear as a 4th grader, and some PTSD occurred! They were hideous!  But these, I dig. They are NICE. And, Mike knows his stuff, that's for sure. He told me about why the soles are white (for wives to check their husbands soles to be sure they were clean when coming in from the fields/construction sites back in the day), which I thought was pretty neat.

6. This short-sleeved chambray shirt.
Mike loves a chambray shirt with khakis or colored chinos. Be careful to not become Denim Dan or accidentally wear a Canadian Tuxedo (as pictured above). Stick with chinos and not jeans with your denim. I love short-sleeved collared shirts on Mike! It's perfect for walking over for a patio dinner after work in the summertime. Also, this shirt has faint polka dots on it! Don't let that deter you; polka dots are hot!

7. This dressy gingham shirt.
Mike loves gingham (as does his wifey). This is a dressy version of #2 above. He owns this exact shirt! You could wear this under a blazer for a summer wedding, too. Gingham is extremely practical and on trend. You'll find that your gingham button-down shirts are workhorses in your closet, year-round. Whether you teach or work in an office, you'll need crisp collared shirts for the workweek. Why not stock up now when the prices are fantastic?

8. These club-master style sunglasses.
I have loved Mike's club masters since we met. In fact, I always want to steal them to wear myself (but his are prescription! dang). I have followed the RayBan clubmasters for a while, to try to get a sale, but I haven't seen anything as low as this Ted Baker pair! They are uber cool. Again, consider buying these for the man in your life as a stocking stuffer. I love to shop ahead for Christmas gifts (but I am also just super type-A and cray haha), but this could really alleviate some stress come December. Just a thought!

9. This Patagonia puffer.
If you live in the midwest, you know that November through March (sometimes to April or May!) can be utterly brutal. Mike bought this puffer (with a hood) last year, and he wore it constantly. It's lightweight and can be squeezed into the tiniest of balls for packing, but it is extremely warm. Patagonia knows its stuff! I would also say that this would be a great gift for the father or father-in-law in your life. Mike got a medium, so it's definitely true to size.

10. These Allen Edmonds dress shoes.
Mike wore these exact shoes to our wedding! He actually (somehow) found his exact size in a once-used pair on eBay, but this is a great alternative to that. These shoes are going to be your go-to for weddings, fancy events and interviews. Mike absolutely loves them. He owns the black pair. They're extremely classic and classy.

What menswear items have you purchased at the Nordies sale?


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