Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Buffalo Anniversary Trip, Day 2

On the second day of our anniversary weekend, we went on a wine tour in a Wine-O-Wagon! I kid you not: a tractor pulled us around to 4 different wineries in an actual wagon. It was amazing! In the winter, we did the same tour in a bus for my friend Lauren's bachelorette, and it was equally fun! The summer weather was great for being in an open-air wagon, though. The tour is a blast; we were on it with a bachelorette party and two other couples, known of whom we knew, but by the end, we were all old pals! Our tour guide, JJ, was fantastic! He was extremely knowledgeable, too. It was the ideal way to safely get to 4 wineries without the worries of driving, parking, mapping, etc. 

Green clutch: old Banana Republic, very similar here (for $12!). 

This Limited maxi is one of my favorite summer purchases. I saw Kimmy wearing it at Megan's shower, and I had to have it! I bought it with a 50% off coupon that Kimmy was nice enough to give me. It's sold out online, but in stores, my friend Halle says it is down to $30!

There's nothing simpler than throwing on a maxi dress and heading out the door. I am linking a ton of fabulous maxis to apologize for mine being sold out! (But do try the store! My friends have had luck last week at their local Limiteds!). Bonus: flying in a maxi is perfect for the summer. You don't want to be overly warm when you land, but every plane I am ever on is arctic! Grab a cardi with your maxi, and you're ready for all airport/plane temps. 

Totally in love with my MFM monogrammed Jacks.
Monogram yours here
Some sale Jacks below: 

Loved the weekend with Mike!

I matched the Adirondacks!

Tassel earrings: Francesca's.  Also loving these Baublebar ones!

Summer maxi dress options (be sure to scroll with the arrow to the right-- there are so many!)

Neon: here.
Super fierce cut out: here.
Strapless and patterned: here
Dainty and girly: here.
Halter: here
Versatile tie-back: here
Peplum and yellow: here.
Floral: here.
Great deal: here
Lovely blush color: here.
Brightly colored and pleated: here.
Gorgeous print: here.
Lilly P!: here, here and here.
Pure comfort: here
Off-shoulder-ruffle: here

How cute were the doors? They were all colored! 

And some snaps from the remainder of our awesome day and winery tours!
At the first winery on the tour, Dablon

Outside winery #2, Gravity. One of my favorites!

Mike observing the varietals. HAHA! JK. I don't even know what that means. 
We also went to The Round Barn, which was phenomenal! 

With our new friends, LOL! 
Outside the last winery, Hickory Creek

Saturday night we went to the Stray Dog and had dinner on the rooftop. That is a must-do in New Buffalo, and it's walking distance from the Lake Country Inn. On Sunday, we drove to the public beach, read and laid in the sun. Lake Michigan was coooooold! We didn't go in, but boy was it beautiful. 

Mike was particularly a saint as he carried my two Lilly beach bags and my Vera Bradley cooler down to a spot on the sand. He rocks!

Recap of New Buffalo
For the best burger in New Buffalo: Redamak's
For the yummiest ice cream I've ever eaten: Oink's
For the best "fancy 'straunt" on the water: Bentwood Tavern
For the most fun you'll have on a wagon: Fruitful Vine Tours.
For the best rooftop dinner and beers: Stray Dog.
For the most amazing place to stay: The Lake Country Inn

What are your favorite spots in New Buffalo? Have you ever been? If not, you NEED to go! It was only about an hour and 45 minutes from Naperville when we left from Mike's office. It would be even less from the city!


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  2. Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog and think it's so cute! Also, I LOVE your dress! Hope you are having a great week!

    Kelli xx

    1. Hi Kelli!
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    1. awwww! thank you so much, Rachael! Thank you for reading! That means so much to me.