Friday, June 2, 2017

Rainbow Bright Plaid + Toms Sandals + Red Arrow Tap Room

It is no secret that I love rainbow colored clothing. I love bright, vibrant colors, solid or patterned, year-round. Something about colorful clothes makes me feel sunnier.

Case in point: this J. Crew Factory popover. It also helps that I bought it for under $30, and I have already worn it to work and for a double date with friends.  It is currently on sale, too! 

I originally found this J. Crew equivalent, but it was almost double the price. Plus, I liked the short-sleeved option more for spring/summer. 

The beauty of a multi-colored shirt is you can wear so many different colored shorts with it.
Try any of these colors:

My shorts are olddddd J. Crew Factory, but here are some more yellow shorts:

My new Toms sandal obsession are these Majorca cut outs. I can't explain to you how comfy they are! I bought the leather ones, and I am glad I went with my typical size, because they were tight at first, but stretched within the first wear. I stood to teach in these ALL DAY with no discomfort whatsoever. The night we went out and I wore this outfit, I wore them to a brewery, and I had no problems standing in them all night, too! They were worth every cent (the leather are $129, which is pricey, but I promise you I have had my other Toms heels for 3+ years, and I am still wearing them!).

We are so lucky that these peonies just bloomed! We didn't know how beautiful the flowers were around our house because we bought in the winter. It's so fun to see what pops up/booms! Aside from the weeds. lol 

PS: the half tuck is my new jam. Just tuck in the front or front half of your button down. Business in the front, party in the back.  Haha!

More summery popovers:

The best part of this outfit is where I wore it! We went to Red Arrow Taproom on Saturday with our friends Ibby and Evan (who also happen to live about 30 seconds from us!!), and it was the most AWESOME place ever! It's right off the Elmhurst Metra stop (literally, a stone's throw away), so we took the UP-West line from Geneva to Elmhurst (about 30 minutes) and hopped off. This is a pour-your-own brewery! It's all craft beers (and even wine!), and they serve amazing food. You can do the No Wait app. on your way over, but we had no problem getting in. You give them your credit card or ID, and in exchange you get a card that you scan when you get your pours. Also, you order your food like that on a touch screen at the table. It was the coolest experience ever!

Here are some pics from the night:
^^ A coffee stout -- so nice because a whole pint of that would have been TOO much. But, a little taste was perfect! 

Like a kid in a candy store! Haha!

If you tapped the screen, you could read about each beer or wine. It was SO interactive and cool. 

Pure Barre/neighbor/teacher/pals!

At the end, you can get an itemized receipt of all the beers you tried! That way you could take it to Binny's and find what you loved!

Ibby and Evan!

Rose pours

Ibby got the BLT and a side of mac & cheese! You order everything on the touch screen at your table. I got the quinoa salad, a side of mac, and soft pretzels, but I ate it all before I could snap a pic. LOL. Mike got the grilled cheese with brisket on it, and Evan got a whole lotta BBQ! We all loved our meals.  Gratuity is included since you really don't have a waiter/waitress. But, we accidentally pressed for ice water with our meals, and a waitress came out immediately. Then we learned that the water has its own tap on the wall. LOL. #newbies

Such a fun night! You have to try the Red Arrow Taproom. We will go back any time!

What's your favorite brewery?


  1. Such a cute outfit!
    xx, Andrea

    1. Thanks so much, Andrea!! The top is $34 now if you're in the market!

  2. Well, you guys are just adorable! My husband would be in heaven too! LOVE that "perfect for summer" plaid, you just shine! Cute, cute, cute! Happy weekend lovely!

    1. Awww, thank you so much, Andrea!! It seriously was the coolest place. I think I remember reading that you are in the midwest-- do you happen to live near Chicago? He would love it!! Thanks so much for reading-- your comment just made my day!