Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Father's Day Gift Guide: Part 2 of 2!

Today's post has even more insight on what dads really want for Father's Day (June 18!). Did you catch this post with details from my dad and Uncle Gery? Today, my Uncle Paul (dad's bro) and my step dad, Gary, will be helping you find the perfect gift for your own dads. You can also see a gift idea I am adding for new dads, too!

First up: Uncle Paul! My uncle Paul is an avid kayak-er and outdoors-man. These are perfect options if the dad in your life is active or loves being outside! (The pic above was us out on the pontoon for Kara and Josh's wedding weekend! It was not warm-- lol!) Here he is:

Thanks Mary for asking for father’s day gift ideas from me.  I am the proud father of Neil and Kara (Hoyer).  My father, Maurice, a World War II veteran, would have been almost 103 if he were still with us.  I am the proud uncle to Mary and her sister, Anna.

My gift ideas are are largely sun-related.  As we age and some of us spend more and more time at the dermatologist, some nice sun-shielding apparel can be practical. 

1. Oakley Sunglasses.
Extremely durable and long lasting.

2. I have these boots and if you're kayaking or anything in the water where you want a higher boot, these have awesome comfort, and you are able to move easily in them.  Pretty stylish looking, too!

3.  Sun hats for outdoor usage.  

Belle on Trend's note: very smart to stay protected by the sun! Hats and SPF are a must for any outdoor activity! If you need any sunscreen, talk to me, and I will get you hooked up with my mom and her Arbonne biz! lol!

4. Another trendy and practical hat for outdoor activities: here

5. Classic Ray Ban Wayfarers

Thanks so much, Uncle Paul! Next up: my step dad, Gary! 

^^Gary and his Lilly Pulitzer pants from the 70s, which he let me have! My incredible seamstress turned them into...

Mary asked me to come up with my favorite Father's Day gifts, so here goes.

I only have one son, and he is 34 years old.  The great thing is that we like to do the same things.  Every year for Father's Day we go golfing.  We go with my brother and another friend.  We pick courses we don't play much.  Just spending the day with him is great.

^^Gary, his son, Graham, his daughter-in-law, Kelly, and my mom at Graham and Kelly's wedding last November

My son gets me a gift every year, even though I tell him not to.

1.  Last year he got me a Dorco 7 Razor and Blades.  I was using cheap Gillette disposable razors, and  he didn't think they worked very well.  He was right.  It makes a huge difference.

2.  In the past he has gotten me fishing lures at the Bass Pro Shops.  I like the soft plastic Mr. Twisters. We like to fish in Ohio and Florida, and they catch a lot of fish.

3.  He has also gotten me a fishing rod.  It is a Shakespeare Ugly Stik.  It is a 7 foot medium action rod, and it works great.

4.  I use Power Pro Braided fishing line with it.  It is around $45.00 for a spool.  Even though it is not exciting, it is a great gift.

5.  He has gotten me Titleist Pro V 1 golf balls.  They are $47.00 a dozen.  Unfortunately, I lose them just as easily as cheap balls.

6.  The most expensive gift he ever got me was a Golf Buddy.  It shows how far you are from the green and the location of sand traps and water hazards. It does help, but you still have to be able to hit the ball straight.

^^ Gary's birthday is Christmas Eve!

Some other ideas for me are:

7.  I am obsessed with belts.  I hate putting them off and on my pants and shorts, so I have a belt in each pair of pants and shorts.

I don't like to spend a lot on them, so I am really a bargain hunter when it comes to belts.

Mary's note: I love this one!

8.  Bealls Outlet is my favorite store in Florida.  I love finding name brand clothes at bargain prices. 
Mary's note: loving this bow tie and this tie from Bealls!

9.  Golf shirts are my shirt of choice.  My favorite shirt is a green one.  Finn and I have matching ones.

10.  Fishing shirts are another good bet for me.  Bealls department store has a great selection.

It may be corny, but just being with my son is really fun.  He is a good kid, and I don't need anything but his company to have a good time.

Thank you so much for writing, Gar! Now my own idea...

For new dads:

Amazon Echo.
This is seriously BA. My sis just bought it for her husband, and I was in awe of the sound quality of it this past weekend. She would just say, "Alexa, play reggae music." And, alas, Bob Marley came on (and Finn started dancing). Volume too loud?  She just commanded it to turn down. Mind. Blown.

Treat your dad this Father's Day! He surely deserves it.
What's on your list to get Dad?

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