Friday, June 9, 2017

Summer in Lilly + First Birthday Party Ideas!

Last weekend, my bff Jackie hosted a first birthday party for her sweet girl, Milly, in Chicago. The theme was Lilly Pulitzer/flamingos, put together by her super talented and creative sister, Julie (another one of my besties!). Every detail was adorable, and the Lilly prints were in full swing!

Lilly Pulitzer has the cutest mommy and me matching dresses for baby and mom. Obsessed!

Milly and Finn are just a couple weeks apart in age, so we are already planning their wedding! LOL
Finny's mocs with anchors (side note: Anna bought these on sale. Follow Freshly Picked for sales! The regular prices are ridic, but the sales are awesome!). More FP mocs:

Also, Julie MADE that lemonade stand! Incredible, right? 
Find it here
Julie is so creative!

All the Paunicka/Hancock girlies! 
Plus, the future married couple, Milly and Finn! Special appearance by Layla's butt. lol. Julie (far left) has the coveted Lilly for Target maxi! I have it, too! And my sis. LOL! The best deal. I think mine was $36? Unfortunately, these are no longer available-- the Lilly for Target line was in April of 2015. 

My tank is one of my all time favorites. I have it in this blue and then another printed one. Loving this tassel one! I bought both on super sale during the #Afterparty sales, but here are some similar styles:

I also love Lilly's scalloped Buttercup shorts! They are TTS, and I am wearing a 6. I got these on super sale, too! Wait for the After Party sale before doing any Lilly damage. Trust me! I also wear them a lot. Like here and here

My sis is in an Essie tank:

Beautiful sissies^^

Jackie, Julie, and Jennifer + Anna and I all went/go to SMC! Jenny is going to be a SENIOR!  She just got back from studying abroad in Rome-- we are all so proud of her! Repping our Saint Mary's rings.

Love my sissies! 
Jenny and Jackie had the BEST earrings.
Jenny's are $14.99 from Marshalls! What a deal! They were so much fun. 
Jackie's classic Kendra Scott's are GORGEOUS!  See below for a ton of fun pink tassel/pom pom earrings! 

Even pink lemonade to match the theme! The girls thought of everything.
Jenny's dress:

My fave Lilly dresses right now:

Do you own any Lilly dresses? I always get mine on SUPER sale, but boy, do I love Lilly P!


  1. I love flamingo themed! And like you, I always get my Lilly on sale haha. so cute the mommy and me sets they have!


    1. Jac, thanks so much for reading! I always love those sales! It's so worth it to stock up then, ya know? I hope one day I can have a mommy and me Lilly outfit for a future baby!! :)

  2. Love all the Lilly, it is adorable!! Can't wait till they have their end of summer sale!
    Courtney //

    1. Thank you, Courtney! SO excited for the end of summer sale, too! That's when I stock up! haha!! :)