Monday, June 5, 2017

Father's Day Gift Guide According to Dads: Part 1 of 2!

I am incredibly lucky to have so many fashionable, amazing, inspirational men in my life to look up to. I reached out to my dad and my Uncle Gery (mom's bro) for insight into what dads REALLY want for Father's Day! Remember, it's fast approaching, so be ready; June 18 will be here before you know it. So, without further adieu, the wisest dads I know!

Top Ten List of Father's Day Gifts by Robert Hancock (Belle on Trend's dad)  [author's note: my dad is probably my biggest fan on the blog! Thank you, dad! Love ya!]
^^dad and his girls at my wedding 7-11-15

1. Casio watches. Great for sport, disposable. Buy at Kohl's with multiple coupons.

2. Dillard's Clearance Center at Eastwood Mall in Warren, OH.
50% off of 65% off. Nautica, Polo, Timberland-- 3 shirts and change from a $20.

3. Asics GT 2000 shoes in ugly colors.
Excellent shoes for bad feet and affordable when clearance priced.

4. Notre Dame apparel discounted by Sears.

5. Books from Motorsports Collector in Downer's Grove, IL- my greatest luxury.

6. A gift certificate to a local Italian restaurant (no chains!!). I like Carmella's Cafe in Boardman, Ohio.

7. A gift certificate to Panera Bread. Coffee, blueberry bagel, and old right-wing guys lecturing on politics.

8. Socks from the Thor-Lo outlet in Statesville, NC.
The only socks worth owning.
^^Dad modeling a few of his favorite pieces in Cincinnati last summer.

9. Any CD by John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers.

10. A visit from my magnificent daughters, their superb husbands, and my wonderful grandson.

^^Dad and his girls at my Youngstown, Ohio wedding shower 

Now, from my Uncle Gery! Uncle Gery and I have always shared a special bond. Thanks so much for writing, Uncle Gery!

^^Dancing the night away at Uncle Gery's 60th birthday party. 

My daughter is very creative when it comes to gifts and gift ideas.  She knows my passions and taste.  Things that I like the most are a good drink and cigar on a summer night on a patio.  

If your dad likes a good drink, one of my favorites is a Manhattan that can be made in various ways; it is a bourbon based drink.  I prefer it made with the Crown Royal Reserve as the base.  In addition, the ingredients are very important for the perfect Manhattan which can be served up or on the rocks.  Ingredients: red vermouth, Luxardo cherries (VERY IMPORTANT- can purchase on Amazon in various sizes.  I like the 105.8 oz for $76.49),  Angostura Aromatic Bitters; must be had and finished with an orange twist. A restaurant chain that can produce what I consider a perfect Manhattan is Smith and Wollensky.  The bartenders there always taste test before they serve their customers.  

In order to accompany the Manhattan, my top choice of a cigar (other than a Cuban) is a good alternative that originates from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, or Guatemala.  I love Arturo Fuente that I usually order from JRCIGARS.COM.   JR Cigars was first founded in Statesville, North Carolina and was always my favorite pit stop in route to the Carolina Beaches. 

^^Taking a break from the dance floor at my step brother's wedding!

Next, is a good polo shirt.  That's all I wear.  My daughter bought me my all time favorite from Saks Fifth Avenue which is the Burberry Oxford Polo in black, that can be dressed up or down.  

She likes to keep me looking trendy.  

^^Christmas 2016 with the family. Uncle Gery is in the upper left hand corner and my cousin Ashley, his daughter, is next to me!

Another classic favorite of polos is Lacoste.  I have been wearing them since 1984. 

Also, during summertime I like the dry fit material from Under Armour to keep me cool; especially during golf outings.  Every Christmas my sister, brother in law, and nieces love buying me shirts so I can have a mini fashion show.  Mary then serves as a facilitator to explain where and how the shirt can be worn. Exactly why she is the fashion blogger of the family.  :)

Another timeless piece you can never have enough of is Sperrys.  I also have been wearing these since the mid 80s.  They come in various colors and styles.  My daughter recently bought me a new pair which I can wear on casual days to work.  The thing I love about Sperrys is their durability, and they do not appear worn out even after years of wear.  

Thanks to my niece Mary for asking me to contribute to her blog.  I am so proud of her for pursuing one of her many passions.  Thanks to my daughter for her assistance in writing this post and keeping me from being a social misfit.

^^One of my favorite pics with Uncle Gery from Florida! 

Thank you SO MUCH to my dad and Uncle Gery for their expertise!

What are you getting your dad for Father's Day? So many great choices from the real experts above : ) 



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