Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pineapple Critter Shorts + Puppies!

One of my friends, Ashley, sent me a link for these adorable shorts. I absolutely loved them! There's nothing cuter than a critter print, particularly if it is pineapples.  Also, they are $12! I think mine were even less because I had a $5 reward! Haha! I immediately texted my bff, Megan, as she adores all things pineapple.  I did size up for these, and I was glad. I read all the reviews, and it seemed girls were either going a size or two higher than normal. I went for the 6, and they are a little tight, but overall fine!

I am in love with Bella and Bentley! Our lives are so much brighter with these two nugs!

My earrings are old Stella and Dot, but here are some fun statement earrings to covet:

^^ Bentley only likes to be held like a baby. haha!! 

My shirt is old J. Crew, but here are some new versions of the style:

^^ Bad tan lines from my day of weeding haha

Daddy with Bella and Bentley. Please don't mind our rogue gutter extenders in the back. lol 

Bella is totally a daddy's girl ;-)

Action shot of this little guy!

That face!

^^ FYI, I am 5'6 for short-length. I will say these are a little on the short side, but for $12, I could not resist!

My monogrammed Jacks were a gift to myself before we got married. I wear them so often, you guys! 

More critter shorts:

How was your long weekend? I can't believe it has come and gone so fast! But, that just means I am closer to summer break :)


  1. You are adorable! I love that green, the perfect summer outfit! And adorable pups too!

    1. You are so sweet, Andrea! Thank you for reading! The pups make us so happy!! :)