Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Finn's First Fiesta!

Mike and I hosted our nephew, Finn's, first birthday party at our house a few weekends ago. How about that alliteration, btw? :) The English teacher in me loved all the F's! Haha! It was, without hesitation, the best party we have ever thrown (aside from our wedding, of course!). We had a blast, and I think everyone else did, too!

I mean, we had three cakes!!! By the amazing Sylvia Carranza. WOW. She was just incredible! She is a teacher's aid in my district, and she makes stunning cakes on the side. Please let me get you in contact with her for your next party!
^^ Oreo truffles! The one thing I can actually make. LOL No baking required. And, they're SOOOOOOO GOOD.  Thanks to Lauren for introducing me to them!

^^  Finn's smash cake 

Beth and Mike share a birthday! The day before Finn's (April 21). 

Look at that incredible detail!

I just sent Sylvia ideas from Pinterest, and she created the masterpieces!

I wore this fun graphic tee from Forever 21 to match the theme!  I will say, SIZE DOWN!  I wore a small, and it was really roomy!

Hanging with the littluns!

The man of the hour!

Finn has great taste in jewelry! lol! 

Love this one of the girls! Happy 1st birthday to Milly today!

The Chicago pals!!! ^^^

Family!!! ^^^

I paired the tee with these yellow pants from Loft. I love the Marisa fit of Loft pants because they're perfect for work, and I always know a size 4 will work (I love when I can size down a bit in pants haha!).  They are currently 30% off without an Ann Taylor card or 40% off with your card! Use code: LOVE MOM.  I wore them to work this week with a chambray collared shirt. They are a fun pop of color to add to any plainer top.

Grammy, Finny, Momma and Auntie

Taste testing with Kieran! 

The cakes were soooooo good. We ate them all week!

I wore these block heels from DSW. I am so in love with these colorful shoes!!! They are SO COMFORTABLE, too! And I promise I am not just being facetious. The block heel makes them even more manageable. Remember them from this post? Or this one?  I am also linking the black, which would probably be a little more practical! :) OH! And they are on sale! I paid $69 for mine, but now they are under $50!!!!  #worthit

My cobalt blue tassel earrings were from J. Crew Factory. They're from the fall, but here are some equally awesome beaded tassel earrings!

With his fave toy: the $1 maracas hahaha

Love to Grandpa! 

Finny and Milly, future husband and wife! 

My friend Paige and Matt have three boys who are JUST the politest, sweetest kids! 

Cooper totally had a taco costume for the occasion bahaha!

incredible food!!! The company set up and made all the tacos fresh in our backyard!

  Gary embracing the props! ^^ 

We had an amazing time. Thank you SO MUCH to Andrea Swofford of Swofford Photography for the incredible pictures. I can't believe our nephew is 1!

How is your week going so far? Have you seen my Instagram/Instastories?! We got two dogs on Monday!!!! AH!!! So much excitement to come!!!

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