Saturday, December 2, 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Men in your Life!

Hi, all! I hope you're having a happy and healthy week! I wish I could say I was healthy, but sadly, I got hit so hard with a really awful cold last weekend, and Tuesday and Wednesday it was so bad, I had to take off work. I hate missing! I am definitely a control-freak when it comes to teaching (just ask my co-teacher! haha! We always laugh because I tell the kids to not touch any of my stuff lolol!), and I would just rather be there with my kids than have someone else in charge! But, I needed to rest and heal. Sadly, though, I am still not feeling well. I canceled all my plans for the weekend, and I have resigned myself to the couch. I do think it's a lot harder to heal while pregnant. Mike had the same illness Monday, but he felt like a million bucks on Tuesday (thank God!).

Speaking of Mike, he is taking over for this post! He is a pro! Thanks for reading :)

Thanks for the intro, Mary! I am so happy to share some gift ideas!

1. Gloves

I think I mentioned back in January I go through a lot of gloves! I'm sure I'm not alone. I like having a pair of fleece gloves as well as a pair of leather gloves so I have the versatility to wear one with a puffer and another with an overcoat. Bonus points if you can get some that will work with your phone!

2. New Phone Case

Speaking of phones, I bet you know someone in desperate need of a new case for his phone. I know mine has seen better days after 3 years. I like Apple's own leather case, but there are some great options that either a) cost less or b) include a built in battery pack so you don't have to worry about running out of juice. This would also be a great gift if your man is about to upgrade to a new device!

4. NES/SNES wireless controller or controller extender

Are you or your guy nostalgic for the early 90s? If so, I'm sure you scored either the Nintendo Classic NES last year or Classic Super Nintendo this fall. I managed to get the SNES from with the intention of selling it before Christmas for a profit.... but as it turns out I still have it and it's hooked up to our TV and I haven't beaten Super Mario World yet. The one problem I have (aside from opening the box and deciding to keep it) is that the controller cables are soooo short! I literally had to sit on the floor like a kid the whole time I worked my way through the dungeons in Zelda. 🤓

Apparently there exist some great options to solve this problem. You could get a chair for the floor, some extension cables, or (probably the best option) some wireless controllers. Your classic gamer with thank you!

5. Shawl Collar Sweater

I love getting a sweater for Christmas, and not just because I get to quote one of my favorite movies as I open the package. A shawl collar cardigan is great in the winter, since it's usually pretty heavy and looks great for work!

6. New Hobby accessory

If you follow Mary on Instagram (btw, you should totally follow Mary on Instagram), you probably have seen me playing the piano recently. In October, I took the train to my hometown in Michigan, and brought back my grandmother's piano in a U-Haul. She and my grandfather bought it brand new 60 years ago, so it is so important to us that it is still in our family and will stay in our family for years to come. I took piano lessons from 2nd grade all the way through high school, but I haven't really played in 10+ years. I've been so excited for the chance to play again, I've been serenading Mary with my renditions of "Hey, Jude" and the music to A Charlie Brown Christmas. I've since discovered that there are lots of books available that include the note-for-note piano parts the musicians played (such as Queen, or Ben Folds). Basically, any gift related to a new hobby would be wonderful!

7. Special Edition team shirt

While November featured some disappointing and rough losses, my Irish looked a lot better than expected this football season. And not just on the field. To commemorate the passing of the former football coach Ara Parseghian, the players wore these t-shirts throughout the year. By each and every account, Ara was a remarkable leader and a remarkable man who truly walked the walk. Proceeds of this shirt also benefit his foundation. If your giftee isn't a Notre Dame fan, I'm sure his school or team has some special edition shirt, so he can dress just like the players!

8. Fancy bluetooth speaker (or any office speaker)

If you're looking for a BIG item for your music-loving guy, I'm sure there's another place in the home or office where he'd like to upgrade his sound over his computer speakers. This speaker from Klipsch looks like it's straight out of Mad Men, but it packs bluetooth capabilities, as well as an input from a small stereo plug. It's a little pricey, but it would fit right right in with some classy decor, delivery great sound, and remain unobtrusive.

9. Pajamas and Pajama Pants

Remember when Mary said she got everyone the Christmas dog pajama pants? Well, it turns out Old Navy has a full set for men. If that doesn't float your boat, any pajama pants will always come in handy!

I hope this helps you buy a great gift for the man in your life, and I hope even more that you have a very merry Christmas! 

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