Sunday, November 26, 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Gals on your List!

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are so blessed to have hosted 26 (!) of our family members on Thursday for our first ever holiday. Mike made the turkey-- he is incredible-- and all the cousins and my mom brought their own amazing dishes. We had so much fun with my Ohio family in town for a few days, but it's always so hard to see them leave. The good news is, we will be together in Ohio in just a month for Christmas!

The group! Minus Vincenzo and Rosie. Finn never let go of that microphone! haha! Please let me know if you need to shop for little ones-- that mic was a hit! 

Our cousin, Ashley, and me and Anna. I can't wait for Finn to be as close to his cousin as we are with Ash! 

Mike did such amazing work on the turkey! 

Girl cousins! 

Our immediate family-- the Ohio family + Anna and co. Finn just loved that microphone! LOL! It was our cousin Danny's, and he was obsessed with it. Gary and my mom ended up buying him his own the next day. 

My cousin, Ashley, made this amazing veggie turkey! It's a tradition for Thanksgiving. SO cute! 

And then Bentley-- had to share his smiling face! 

We spent the past two days cleaning the house and putting up the Christmas decor! More pics on that to come. We bought a normal sized Christmas tree this year (I've always had a 3 foot one from Target and my single days LOL), and it was so fun to see all our ornaments from over the years.  The dogs are super interested in the tree skirt-- uh oh!

How did everyone do with Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals? I have done a ton of my Christmas shopping for my family members through the deals all weekend. The amount of packages we will be receiving on our front porch is going to be immense. LOL!  But, it is so much easier for me to shop online. Do you feel that way?

Now is the time to start ramping up your gift-game! I am going to start this series of blog posts with the girls in your life.

[1.0] The cutest makeup bag ever! 
Every woman needs a mini makeup bag in her purse or for travelling. This is the cutest and a great size. It's currently 50% off if you buy it alone from Talbots, and 40% off everything else in your order!

[2.0] The perfect clutch for every winter wedding and NYE!
How darling is this bag?! I always want statement purses to wear to weddings, and this is adorable! Think of how many Christmas get-togethers you will wear that to. Also, 50% off!

[3.0] The cutest slippers ever!
Who doesn't looooooooove a fabulous pair of slips?! Hello cozy! Slippers are also the type of purchase I never want to make for myself. It's the greatest way to treat your mom or sis. Kate Spade always has the cutest idioms on her items, too! The link above has them on sale at!

[4.0] Kate Spade travel mugs.
I, for one, am always happier when I am drinking my coffee out of a fabulous mug. It just makes you cheerier at 6:30 am when you're leaving for work!  How cute are these?

[5.0] This Skipper Popover will be your sister/cousin/mom/most stylish BFF's favorite shirt.
I have two of these in prints, and I wear them constantly! They're perfect for travelling, but they are also great for weekend lounging, errands, and casual Fridays.  Now, they're monogrammable! You will seriously win the award for the best gift ever if you give this to the most important woman in your life! They fit TTS, and before baby bump, I wore an XS or S.

[6.0] For your fabulous friend who adores statement jewelry.
This would be a great gift for a pregnant lady in your life. I always say earrings never get too small/too tight! haha! I know it can be tough to shop for mothers-to-be (and actually get them something for themselves and not the baby), so this could be a fantastic alternative. I love the gift sets! They're on sale, too!!

[7.0] For your favorite Barre Belle or workout-lover.
These Everfitte tanks are my favorite! They are super soft and wash really well after sweaty workouts.   Love this one and this one for your marg-loving girlfriends! Also, all your Pure Barre friends need this one.

[8.0] A statement clutch for your most fabulous friend.
It will match so many different outfits, and it is on sale currently for 40% off + 10% off (until noon on Monday with free shipping! Code: shopfast!).

[9.0] Critter socks! 
I am in love with J. Crew Factory's critter socks. They're the perfect stocking stuffers for your gfs, and they can always be worn with boots! I love when my critter socks pop out of the top of my duck boots. SO cute and fun. J. Crew Factory has the best selection, and I buy a bunch when they get down to $4.00!  So fun for loungin' or hosting!  How cute are these for your dog-loving bestie?  Or these for the Christmas hostess? All the J. Crew Factory ones are down to $4! ACT FAST!

[10.0] All of the coziest sleepwear.
I just bought new PJ pants for myself because my other ones were getting super tight (coincidentally enough, my sister bought these Christmas dog ones, too! So we had to, of course, buy them for our husbands and Finn for a Christmas pic. DUH!). All the Old Navy pajama pants and tops are 40% off! I bought these jammies (in a large for myself) and this top + this one. They are all soooooo cozy and comfy.  Pajama pants are fun for coworkers or Secret Santa exchanges, too. They are another piece that you hate to buy yourself, am I right? I had to, just because I couldn't fit into my old ones. Haha!

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I love that clutch- it's so cute! Perfect for a holiday gift!
    Courtney ||

    1. Thank you girl! Isn't it a fun one? I feel like it's a winner for any gal in your life! Thanks so much for reading.