Saturday, November 11, 2017

J. Crew Ruffle-Sleeve Sweater + Office Reveal!

Happy Saturday! I hope you've had a wonderful week and are relaxing this weekend (or out living it up if you aren't preggo like me! haha!). We decided to move the office from upstairs to the living room in preparation for baby boy Fremeau to move in! The office upstairs will now be his nursery. My saint of a husband (seriously, I married way up you guys!) painted the living room this awesome light blue color [Sweet Retreat by Clark and Kensington, if you're in the market!] (all by himself; I seriously didn't do a single stroke-- not because I didn't want to help, but it was in my really-really-nauseous weeks, and he said to just relax!). He is so incredibly helpful around the house. I don't know what I would do without him. Also, I don't know how I lived without him in my life. He makes every day so much easier/better/brighter. OK, okay, I will stop bragging hahaha! But I do love him so much and thank God every day we found each other.

Anywho, he found this dining room table (which is actually able to extend out almost a foot more on each side with the arms extended) on discount from Crate and Barrel, and he got the best idea to make it into our desk.  He found the chairs and matching filing cabinets, too. He put everything together! This is a total Mike Fremeau masterpiece, you guys. I just sit at it and do work! 

Sadly, the table was on clearance, so it's gone. But, I will link as much as I can, in case you're in the market to re-do your own office. Plus, the J. Crew sweater I'm wearing is down to $27, and it's SOOOOOOO COZY!  It comes in 4 colors, too! 

Chairs: here
Task lamp: here.

We framed our degrees! It only took about 9 years. LOL 

Bella wanted to help Daddy while he read his Notre Dame football blogs hahah


My handsome guy. :)  

Kate Spade pencil cup: here

My Tory Burch bag (linked below) is called the "Ella" (not the mini). The navy matches our school colors (haha!), and it is sooo durable. I bought this one in 2015 fall, and I will continue to wear it for years. 

J. Crew ruffle sweater (I'm in a medium for reference) -- SO COZY!!! 

Tory Burch tote bag-- the best size for a work bag!

Flamingo mug: 

The contents of my work bag:
my teacher planner and my daily planner/calendar are by May Designs! You can design/monogram your own! You also get 15% off your first order. It's so much fun to create yours.
My pencil pouch is thanks to my girl, Julie. This is from Target, and she got it and the Lilly notebook for me for my birthday last year. I use both every day! 

Mike recently picked up his grandmother's piano from his oldest brother in Jackson, and he has been playing ever since! 

He is super good!!! 

Next to the musical notes map (a gift I got Mike a few Christmases ago from Target actually!), is his framed band plaid! It's a coveted part of the band uniform when you're in the Notre Dame Marching Band. He played drums :)  A cool gift to give if you're dating/married to a domer who was once a bandie!

Bella likes when daddy plays. Actually, she just likes licking the carpet underneath the bench. LOL 

Even though I teach freshmen, you would not believe how excited they get about stickers on their As and Bs. It's so darn cute. I get these emoji stickers from Walgreens for $1, and I just stock up. 

More on sale ruffle sweaters:

More fringey earrings: 

The best-fitting jeans ever-- maternity-- thanks to my sis for letting me borrow:

Hope you've enjoyed our little office space reveal! Now I actually have to grade with that pile of rubrics LOL. But, there's nothing better than grading with a sparkly G2 and fun emoji stickers!! Haha!!



  1. That sweater is to die for! How darn cute! I love that you said your saint of a husband...that's what I always say about my hubby too when he does a job for me! :D xx Rox-Anne

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you!! It comes in gray, green and cream, too! I need another!! :):) I love that you say that about your hubs, too! We are lucky ladies!

  2. I love your office, is great to have that designated space for work. those earrings are fantastic xx

    1. Awwww thank you so much! My earrings were $4 at this store that was going out of business. I couldn’t believe the deal! Thanks for reading, girl!!