Saturday, December 9, 2017

Holiday Party Outift!

Hello! I hope you've had an amazing week! I swear these weeks before Christmas break and final exams FLY when you're a teacher. On Monday, I thought to myself,  "HOW ARE WE GOING TO FINISH OF MICE AND MEN BEFORE FINALS!?!?!?!" and had a mini panic attack. But, we are well on our way! LOL! #teacherprobs

This outfit is a mix of maternity (jeans) and non-maternity (tops), but I will provide all non-maternity options, too! These are definitely the last days of fitting into non-maternity tops. Too tight! haha!! But, I love my sequins!  Remember this post? I can't stop wearing this tee, and it was seriously $20.

This tartan plaid is probably my all-time favorite for the holiday season. I just adore the colors in the print. Also, nothing says "holiday cheer" like some sequins, am I right?

Earrings: here on sale!

These are maternity distressed jeans from my sweet friend, Lauren, who let me borrow all her maternity clothes. 

Here are non-maternity options: 

A word of advice on distressed denim: these from Lauren are the perfect amount of rip. Be careful that the skin to jean ratio is much more jean; you don't want to see too much leg! haha!! 

My mom sent me this awesome wreath from Maine. It smells amazing! She made the bow for it, too! 

My sequined shirt is old J. Crew Factory, but here are some more options:

We got Bella and Bentley little stockings!!! SO cute. haha!
Also, I can't stop buying those bling Christmas trees and glitter reindeer. Poor Mike! haha

One of my favorite purses of all time! ^^
Bought myself this with my first full-time-public-school-teacher paycheck back in the fall of 2011. Can you believe it has lasted so long?! Kate Spade is such high quality.

Tartan shirt: here for $23. Below is the J. Crew version, which is much more expensive. I seriously do not know why. I have the J. Crew Factory version up next to the regular J. Crew one, and maybe I am just blind, but they look identical to me. Please LMK if you find a discrepancy haha! All J. Crew is 30% off right now with code: HolidayFun.

More plaid for this holiday season:

This Lands End tote was one of the best gifts ever from my dear friend Jenny! It's washable, and it is perfect for my school bag. I love the seasonal ones they have!  Also, 50% off your order with code: frost. It makes for the best gift! Bonus if you monogram it for your recipient! 

We love these little guys! Bella has been in training for about 5 weeks now because she started nipping/biting. Has anyone seen that occur with their dogs? She is 6 now, but we only got her in May; we just got so worried because we will have a baby in less than 4 months, and we just couldn't imagine having her unintentionally hurt the baby. Her breed, Lhasa Apso, is known for being stubborn, but this has come on very recently (just about since I've been pregnant). The trainers are really working hard with her, and they seem positive! We know she just needs to learn! Just wondering if anyone has experienced this before. We love Bella and Bentley so much, and we just want her to be trained for the baby's arrival. 

Bentley ^^

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! I finished up the last of the Christmas shopping this morning after Pure Barre, and we are going to snuggle on the couch and watch The Good Place tonight! Have you guys seen it? SOOOO funny!!!



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    1. Thank you so much, Jessica!!! I am such a sucker for a fully sequined top! lolol! Or anything fully sequined, for that matter! :)

  2. I love how you paired the plaid shirt with a sequins top! I would never think to do that and yet it looks so festive!! So, so cute!! xoxo

    oh, she’s lovely

    1. Awwww, thank you so much!! I seriously had the thought in the shower in the before work that morning! lol! I do my best thinking in the shower!! haha!