Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas Gifts under $50-- Stocking Stuffers/ Secret Santas/ Coworkers!

Hello! I hope you've had an awesome weekend. I slept virtually all of Friday after work and Saturday, but I am thanking God because I finally feel like myself after 8 days of being really sick! Sunday was warm and sunny, and we even got to take the dogs for a long walk. I swear, the weather and sunshine makes everything better, don't you agree? As we walked around the neighborhood, I just kept saying that if this was our weather in the winter in Illinois, life would be glorious every day! Haha.

This next gift-giving guide in the series is all under $50. These gifts will work for stocking stuffers, girlfriend Secret Santa exchanges, work friends, neighbors, etc.  There will be an array, so I hope I can cover all my bases here. Feel free to let me know in the comments if there are any other specific gift guides you're looking for. I would love to be of service!

[1.0] Swell Water Bottles.
I love these! They truly do keep your water cold for 12 hours-- no joke! I have the Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks one (thanks to my pal, Kyle, for fighting the crowds at his Starbucks to find me that last year!), but any of these will do. Perfect for guy or gal-- I use them for Pure Barre and work!

[2.0] A cozy scarf.
There's nothing better than topping off your look with a blanket scarf. Sometimes my entire outfit is just super plain-- black pants and a collared shirt for work-- but then I finish my outfit with a fun plaid scarf. I have gotten so many as gifts (in fact, I don't remember the last scarf I bought myself), and they bring with them so many memories of the person from which I received the scarf with every wear. Guys or girls, too!

[3.0] A witty/monogrammed/seasonal mug.
This works for guys and gals, and seriously, there is something more enjoyable when you drink out of a mug you love. True story!  You could be extra cute, and pop a Starbucks gift card in said mug (or even a box of Kcups!).

[4.0] Ornaments.
I had so much fun taking out all the ornaments we had stored away as we decorated our trees this year. It's so special to remember who got you what ornaments and the stories behind them. My best friends from high school and college do yearly ornament exchange-Secret Santas, and it's such a personal way to get a gift that will last forever. I do a lot of my ornament shopping on Etsy for personalized ones, but honestly, Von Maur's selection is amazing, and they ship and wrap FOR FREE!!  (Plus, their store credit card has no interest. HELLO!).

[5.0] This cozy wrap cardigan.
My cousin wore one when she was in town from Ohio, and we all fell in love with it. Then my mom got 2, and my sister also scooped one up! They're soooo soft and cozy. They're currently on sale for $39.90! You can wear it open or closed, too! Prepare to NEVER want to take it off. Here's my mom in hers! My cousin Ashley actually found hers at Costco! Amaze. This is great for any woman on your list, too.

[6.0] This motivational phrase on a bracelet.
This is seriously one of my all-time favorite sayings. The fact that it's on a stackable bracelet makes me sooooo happy. Give it to your darling friend who sets her mind toward something and achieves it. Let someone know you're cheering for her. Loving the rose gold version. Other bangles are awesome, too, because you are always reminded of the gift-giver when you wear them.

[7.0] A lip kit from Mac.
Obsessed with bright red lips for the holiday season (and all year round, who are we kidding haha), but sometimes gals are hesitant to buy themselves their first RED LIP color, especially if they aren't used to wearing a bold color. Enter: this! How cute is the makeup bag, too?! I adore this red, and you cannot go wrong for a holiday party with an LBD.

[8.0] Statement earrings!
Earrings ALWAYS fit. Obviously, know your audience here, but how adorable are these statement earrings? I have some surprises for some of the special women in my life, and they entail some gorgeous statement earrings. I love how earrings can dress up ANYTHING. I am all about BIG, fabulous earrings with a pony tail or messy bun. It makes you feel put together, even if you're tired or not feeling great.

[9.0] A fun phone case!
All you need to know is what size/type of phone they have, and you could pick out the cutest case for your recipient (male or female)! Phone cases are always kind of a drag to by yourself-- they aren't cheap, but they can break like they are.  Bonus for monogramming it for your pal! (Full disclosure, I always have an old version of the iPhone, so I get my $14 Kate Spade cases at the local outlet mall-- haha!!).

[10.0] A throw pillow.
Hear me out on this: I think throw pillows are the cutest accents to your house for chairs and couches. The best pillows we have were gifts from other friends and family. Bonus if you can match the color scheme in your friend's home (or even just know their couch is gray, for example). I love witty ones or textured ones. I find the cutest stock at Homegoods or TJ Maxx!

How's your Christmas shopping going? I am basically all bought for and wrapped, but I still have a few outliers I am working on. Yes, I am crazy. haha!! I approach my Christmas shopping like I do my grading and eating of Oreos: in a binge fashion. LOL.



  1. Wait. That last line about your approach to Christmas shopping??? Similar to your approach to Oreos and grading!!!!!! I’m dead! That line is EVERYTHING!!! Love this whole post! Love you!

    1. Hahahaha!!! Omg I know! It’s true! And Reese cups tonight!!! Thank you for reading and commenting!! You’re the best! Love you!!!

  2. I know I can always count on you for great finds! Love your binge fashion and personality. Hope you're doing fabulous!

    1. Thank you so much, Andrea!!! I bet you’re the best gift-giver & wrapper because you’re so creative!! Thanks for reading!!!