Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Gal Behind the Cam: Photographer Spotlight on Andrea

In the fall, one of my former students reached out to me because she had stumbled upon my blog, and she wanted to take pics for me! I was honored! She has now become my go-to blog photographer, and we hired her for Finn's first birthday pics and his fiesta (pics coming soon from the FIESTA!).  I wanted to share with you all some of her work and get her information out to you. She is finishing up her freshman year at college, and she balances working for Bella Baby Newborn Photography, college, babysitting, her own photography business and being a really mature and talented 19 year old! I am so proud of Andrea, and I would recommend her 1,000 x over! 

I am sure you recognize these shots: 

And these. Oh, and these. And these.  And basically any other pictures on my blog that are professional LOL, SORRY MIKE! I love you, but Andrea is a profesh! LOL! 

Check out these beautiful shots from a few weekends ago commemorating Finn's first birthday!

all the fam making Finny giggle!^^ 

Crouching down to get the best pics! ^^^

Andrea is so talented! 

I cannot handle the cuteness ^^ she brought those letters! 

Behind the scenes action^^ 

The best part of Andrea's work is that she is FULL of ideas. She always tells me where we are going and has a Pinterest board for inspiration for each of our shoots. 

^^ I was stalkarazzi in the background. LOL

I can't handle the cuteness!!! 
Anna's ruffle top and similarly cute ones (on sale for 40% off using code: ohgoodie). 

Unkie Mike being crazy to make Finn laugh! 

Andrea had the best ideas for photo shoots! 

Amazing, right?! 
Those eyes! #biasedauntie 

Tell me the last time your photographer got down on the concrete for the best pics. LOL! That's dedication! 

So worth all her hard work and effort! 

Anna's Tom's booties:

Andrea leading the way! 

She knows all the great spots in the area. Loved the Japanese Gardens in Batavia for these shots! 

The gal behind the cam-- Andrea! I wish my pictures of her taking pictures were as amazing as all her photography! 

Let me know how I can help get you in contact with Andrea! She photographs maternity, newborn, blog pictures, senior photos, weddings, engagement pictures, and everything in between! 



  1. Andrea is very talented and such a sweetheart! She is my son's girlfriend and she has become a very special friend to us and our family! She recently took our family pictures and did some work at our church preschool. I love all your photos and what a great article about our favorite photographer!!!!

    1. Isn't she incredible? I am so honored that she asked to work with me! What a sweet gal she is! And I remember your son from working at WAHS, too! They make the perfect pair. I love supporting former students! So happy you had the chance to read the blog!