Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sequined Tee + Red Lips

It's an ongoing joke with my friends (and has been for years) that I like to overdress for everything. Who was it who said, "you can never be overdressed or over educated"? (Note: I just checked. It's Oscar Wilde!). That's honestly how I feel. For my 30th birthday party, I wore a tulle skirt. To a brewery. LOL.  For a random Friday night with some pals over to our house, I wore a fully sequined tee. I never feel overdressed. I am certain people think I look ridiculous being so dressy when I don't need to be (cough cough Anna), but I love to get dressed up. I have actually worn this sequined tee to work with black pants, too. It is actually not my only fully sequined shirt. I have a navy and gold striped one :) When I went to Columbus, my girlfriends joked that I should bring my formal gowns for the weekend. haha!! You know I would, girls!

I think one of our favorite parts of being homeowners is being able to entertain. We have the seating space now, as opposed to having no sitting room in our apartment. 
It's so fun to have people over for apps and drinks. 
My sequined shirt was such a steal a few months ago from J. Crew Factory (it still is under $25!). This is a small for reference. It's also available in black

^ it's also fun to be barefoot at your own home haha!

The best part about such a fancy, busy top, is you need very little along the lines of accessories. I wore a few thin bangles with my watch, and my gold tassel earrings. 
These curvy Loft skinny jeans are the best. I bought them on sale for $31! 

This Mac Red lip is one of my favorites! 
More fabulous red lip colors:

More fun sequin-y tops:

How great is the dancing emoji sequin tee? Adorbs! 

^^^ Storms were a-brewin! 

Haha. Well, this is me with my eyes closed cheesin'. I wanted to note how great this red lip color is, though! Again, Mac Red
My tassel earrings are old J. Crew Factory, but here are some similar ones:

I was so happy to have the gals (and their men) over. Ibby and Stephanie (on the left) live so close to us! And the Miller girls are nearby in Aurora.

More of my sequined picks:

How's your week so far? Are you having warm weather? 

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