Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Easter! #RoseAllDay

Easter weekend was so special! Anna, Shawn, Finn and Coop spent the night on Saturday, and we got to take Finn to his first Easter mass on Sunday. Then, we headed to our cousins' house in St. Charles for our annual Easter celebration. It was so much fun! We are so blessed to live just 40 miles from Anna and Shawn (and even closer to our "Chicago" cuzzies!). 

Unkie Mike with Finny before mass 

Finn's outfit was sooooo cute! Thanks to Auntie Jackie for that adorbs monogrammed outfit
those knee socks!!! ^^^

Tulle skirt options: 

I just tucked in my go-to white collared shirt for mass with this tulle skirt. I always feel so Carrie Bradshaw-esque in this skirt! I have linked tulle skirts from $16-$160, so take your pick! I promise you TONS of compliments from friends and strangers alike. 

Finn loves his Unkie Mike. He wanted to be in Mike's arms the entire time during mass! 

All the Chicago girl cousins got these Rose All Day tees from Old Navy! 
They were soooo soft. Such a hit!  They are $10 now!

My sweet cousin/mentor, Beth! And her adorable son, who was our ring bearer in our wedding, Jack. 

Jack took this pic, hehe! Lori and Tom always host us. They're so good to us, and it means so much because our parents are in Ohio! 

All the ladies! Literally from ages 30-93 in the Rose all Day tees! 

Jack took this one, haha! A lower angle from our favorite 6 year old! 

Anna, Gail, Trish, Vee, Rosie, Rose, Lori, Beth and myself.

Nana with her little loves! And my goddaughter, Bryn, on the right! 

More fun, inexpensive graphic tees:

Do you live near your family? I am so glad I moved to Illinois after Saint Mary's (because if not then I wouldn't have met Mike!), but I do miss my family a lot! It's so nice to have my cousins out here to be with for holidays :)


  1. Looks like such a great Easter!


    1. thank you so much, Molly! Thanks for reading!!! :):)