Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Embellished Shirt and (P)leather Leggings!

Mike and I celebrated our "meet-a-versary" on Saturday; 3 years ago on March 12 we met at the Geneva Ale House! That night, we talked for 3 hours and 50 minutes (it was a Tuesday-- a school night!), and I knew I wanted to marry him. He was honestly my dream man, and I explained it to my girlfriends via email the next morning. (My sister actually read parts of this very email for her Maid of Honor speech at our wedding-- haha!!).  Mike was (and will always be) the man of my dreams, and I am so incredibly blessed to call him my hubs!  Now the important stuff: what I wore on our 3-year-meet-a-versary! Haha! 

Fresh pedi, thanks to Pamper Nails in Geneva-- they rock!
Shoes: here. I am head over heels for the Darron Pumps! I own them in 2 colors, but I am thinking of adding a 3rd. For $49-$69, how can you beat that? They're unbelievably comfortable, too! 
Major shoe splurge option: here, thanks to Melissa's keen eye! But, OMG, aren't they BEAUTIFUL? And they are also available in a flat. Melting! 

Shirt: old Ann Taylor.
Options here, here. here. here, here, herehere-- under $30!, here-- under $20 and here. Loving this one with a high-waisted skirt! 
What I love about a be-jeweled neck shirt is that you never have to worry about a necklace. The neckline is already embellished-- throw on some stud earrings, and you are covered for jewelry! It's a no-brainer look!  :)

Lips: Stila in Fiery. The best, long-lasting lip color ever! 

Red Kate Spade cross body bag: old, but similar here, here, here, here and here-- on sale!

I loved the pop of red in my bag and lips against the black and white!

Full pleather leggings: great options here or here

Side-striped pleather leggings, as pictured: here
The side stripe of pleather is good compromise for someone who is ready to take the dive into the pleather or coated legging but is still a little apprehensive. Haha! 

We had such a fun night reliving our first date at the Geneva Ale House. I can't believe it's been 3 years! Here's to eternity with you, Mike! 

How did you spend your weekend? 

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