Friday, March 11, 2016

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The spring-like temperatures have automatically lifted my spirits-- there is something about being able to wear a tee shirt outside without a coat that just makes me smile. Once I'm able to walk to Pure Barre in my flip flops, my happiness level will be off the charts!

[1.0] I am a sucker for anything scalloped. My sweet pal, Sarah, sent me this scalloped shirt from her J. Crew catalog (her area of town gets the new catalogs a day earlier than my area! haha). She thought I would love it, and she was absolutely right! I foresee the white version of this top, with my multi-strand pearl necklace, tucked into a black or navy pencil skirt for work-- polished and classy.

[2.0] I cannot put down The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. It's incredibly well written, and although it is 771 pages, I've never felt it dragging yet. I'm about halfway done, but I am totally enraptured by the story and characters. I highly recommend it! I got the idea to read it from Jen Lancaster's book club list. (She's one of my favorite authors-- totally check out any of her books if you're looking for a great laugh!). I love my Lilly P. tumbler and phone case!

[3.0] I linked another Lilly Pulitzer cropped top/high-waisted skirt combo in my spring break attire post, but I just discovered this one in the newest Lilly catalog, and I might be even more smitten with this version! I love that just a *peek* of skin would be showing! Then, tuck in a crisp, white shirt with the high-waisted skirt for another look.

[4.0] Eyelet always screams warm weather for me. Check out this Banana Republic eyelet/peplum dress. It's to die for! The lavender will be a perfect Easter Sunday look. I could see this being an absolutely fabulous rehearsal dress dinner in white (Steph!?). And the black is absolutely slimming. I love EVERYTHING about this airy frock. Also, check it out in the khaki color. Perfect for work! Plus, peplum and pockets? The best alliteration EVER! I saw it in-store yesterday and LOVED it!

[5.0]  I know it seems out of season, but I buy my hats and gloves at the end of winter when they're uber cheap!  I was doing some gift shopping at the Kate Spade outlet the other day, and I saw these pink and black bow hat and gloves. I was sold! And for $16 each, you NEED to get to a Kate outlet ASAP! Similar here and here. Then, next year when the temperatures start to dip, you'll have a little gift to yourself waiting for you in your closet! (Also loving these leather ones and these!).

Pre big chop!

What's on your coveting list at the moment?
This weekend, Mike and I are celebrating three years since we met! Where does the time go?!
PS: got a BIG haircut on Wednesday! Thanks to Annalisa at Suzanne Denee! Here's a little sneak preview:

The length from the back:
Tank top: here. OBSESSED!

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