Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spring Looks for a Family Photo Shoot!

My sweet (and incredibly talented!) coworker, Kristie, asked if I would create a post about looks a family could wear for a springtime shoot. She is not only a fabulous English teacher, but she's an amazing photographer, as well! Check out her website here!

Gone are the days when family photo shoots mean everyone has to be in matching white polos and khaki pants. While that is darling, you're much freer these days to incorporate color and pattern (in the same color family, of course) into your photo sessions.

Women/Men Springtime Shoot

For mom/woman/wife:

Patterned cotton dresses are adorable for spring wear. They're effortless and easy, and they can be worn again and again throughout the year with different shoes/jewelry.

This striped dress from Mindy Mae's Market is a total steal for under $70. It can be worn with high brown boots/tights and a cardigan in the winter, or sandals or wedges for the spring and summer. Here is another gingham dress option-- the shirt dress (with a belt) is such a sophisticated (and flattering) silhouette! (Check out this sleeveless version!).

For spring, floral dresses are quintessential for your look. Look at these floral options for the photo shoot (layering with colored cardis depending on your climate): here, here and here. If you decide on flowers for the woman of the shoot, make sure your remaining family members are not in prints.

Spring shoe options for these dresses: I swear by Toms wedges (they're INCREDIBLY comfortable). With a fun pedicure, these will be perfect with your dress. Another closed-toe option are these scalloped lace-up ballet flats (for under $40!). How cute are they? A special thanks to my friend, Alison, for finding these gorgeous shoes!

Jewelry for the shoot: go classic. You'll regret wearing too trendy of statement necklaces a few years down the road. Instead, opt for pearls. This multi-strand pearl necklace from J. Crew Factory is my go-to for dressing up any outfits.

For dad/man/husband:

A collared, sun-washed oxford is perfect for the man in this shoot. It's classy and classic. My husband adores the J. Crew Factory slim-fit washed shirts. He wears them out on the weekends and to work, too. There are a variety of colors, but I love these pastels (and here from J.Crew!). He also cannot go wrong with chambray (and here, lighter).

Tailored, skinny khakis or a fitted colored pant are perfect for the springtime shoot.

Wingtips or Sperrys are ideal for the springtime shoot, too! My friend, Jeremy, LOVES the 1901 brand at Nordies. They're affordable and stylish-- a great combination!

Spring Photo Shoot Floral

Toddler girl:

These gold ballet flats will be used again and again for occasions and holidays, well past your springtime photo shoot. Check out this adorable frock for baby girls! Perfect for timeless photographs with Kristie!

For little girl:

J. Crew Factory "Crew Cuts" is absolutely fabulous for little girls and boys. Check out this scalloped colbalt blue dress to compliment mom and dad's looks, or this jeweled-neck sheath dress.   For a little girl, go with comfortable shoes (ballet flats with bows can't be beat!), so she can run around at the shoot and show off her vivacious personality! How fun are these gold glitter flats? They remind me of my own wedding shoes!

For baby/toddler boy:
This Baby Boden little coat is SO PRECIOUS! Can't you just see your babe running around at a photo shoot in this toggle-button glory?  The little punkin in your life will look dashing in these nautical Gymboree khaki pants. The toggle coat will look brilliant with these critter pants (for under $20!).  Baby Chukkas (for $8.99!) are just adorable! The main goal is for everyone to be comfortable, happy and warm enough at the shoot (but not TOO warm!). This white polo bodysuit would be the ideal piece to complete this baby boy look!

For little boy: The not-so-baby boy in your family could wear these chinos (also by Boden). He will mirror dad's look; he will be comfortable, yet dressy. I am melting for this anchor-critters short-sleeve collared shirt. This would be perfect for the little guy in your photo shoot!  I am a sucker for a sensible boat shoe. My husband and I wear them constantly. But, Sperrys aren't just for adults! Try these for the shoot. They'll be worn again and again for school, church and any "nicer" occasion.

Once you know the weather forecast for the photoshoot, you'll be able to start shopping! One of the best options in Geneva is a little resale shop called Good Cents. My friend, Mandy, gets designer duds there for her 6-year old for a fraction of the price, and often, the dresses (think: Lilly P!) will still have tags on them! You cannot beat resale shops for the little loves in your life.

When you're beginning to decide on the looks, set everything out on the bed to make sure the colors and patterns blend nicely. The bottom line at the photo shoot is to have a blast, be yourself, laugh A LOT and make memories that you will forever cherish. You're going to look fabulous in whatever you choose to wear!

What have you worn for past family photoshoots?
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  2. You're the best! Thank you so much for writing this for me and helping out my clients. You are fabulous!

    1. thank you SO MUCH for asking me to do this, Kristie!!! xxoo I am so happy to help!

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  4. I really like this post! Great ideas for upcoming engagement shoot as well :)

    1. Yes! Congratulations to you! thank you so much for reading, Emily!!! :):) I can't wait to see what you choose to wear!!!