Friday, April 27, 2018

Newborn Pics + a fun Lilly Pulitzer top!

Right before Sebastian was born, my sweet former student/photographer pro, Andrea Swofford, texted me to say she wanted to gift us a newborn session of pictures. It was soooo kind and thoughtful, and it ended up being the perfect gift because while Bella Baby Photography came around for Seb's in-hospital newborn sesh, I was busy being whisked away for an emergency MRI to determine why I couldn't feel my legs. (Read more about that here). Mike was a mess, but the pictures still went on. (Bella Baby is a company that comes around to all the newborns in the hospital and takes pictures-- they were gorgeous pictures, but there are a just a couple with Mike, and he was beside himself the whole time, and there were none with me holding Seb and none of us as a family of 3). Andrea also happens to work for Bella Baby at a nearby hospital (not where I delivered). She is seriously the baby whisperer!

^^These three were the ones with Mike from the hospital-- the nurses and Bella Baby photographer convinced him to get himself together and take some pics-- or I would be mad! Haha! But poor Mike hadn't slept in two days and was beside himself wondering what was happening with me. It was all a tumultuous and scary time, and definitely not the best time for taking pictures. 

At any rate, I wanted newborn pictures with us, too, and when we were in a way better state of mind. Andrea made this happen and came to our house (with our favorite Starbucks drinks for us, no less!!) and was amazing. 

I had packed this Lilly Pulitzer top in my hospital bag, thinking I could throw it on for pictures because it was so vibrant and flowy. (PS: I got it on the Lilly Pulitzer after party sale for $50!). However, I never got out of my hospital gown. It's so funny how in my head I thought delivery would go vs. how it really went. Live and learn, I guess? I definitely wasn't wearing my Posh Peanut palm frond robe around while holding Sebastian in his little safari animal swaddle -- haha! One day. It's the comfiest robe ever, for the record. And his swaddle is just amazing!!!! (See below).

^^These were from the hospital-- super adorable!  But everything was so chaotic-- I wanted to watch the pictures and be in the room. Thank God for Andrea!!!

Enter Andrea, the baby whisperer: 

Andrea was so good at swaddling! Mike and I can never do it with blankets. We use the velcro ones! hahaha

Must have arms free!!!! 

I don't like when people know my weight either, buddy! hahaha

This onesie is from my cousin, Ashley!

^^ My all-time favorite picture!!! 

Those Freshly Picked moccasins are from Anna! I am obsessed!!! 

^^ Mike got the sound waves of our wedding vows put on canvas!! 
There is a QR code on the back, so you can hear each. Amazing gift! 

I love this one!! 

^^ Haha! Seb was done with pics!!! lol 

More flowy Lilly tops-- perfect for post preggo or not! Mine is a size small for reference. I always wait until the sales to get these tops-- FYI. I would never pay $100+ for a shirt. LOL! But on sale, they get down to $40-60 or less! The Elsa tops are amazing for work with dressy pants. I adore them! They do run big, though, so size down. 

My lip color is my trusty Stila Amalfi still from my wedding on July 11, 2015, (that's how long it lasts-- you literally do not have to reapply it when you wear it!). I also linked the Bella color-- it's my other favorite pink by Stila in the all-day color!

My earrings:

Both my earrings and bracelets were free gifts with purchases from Lilly Pulitzer. Here are a few of my favorite jewels right now from Lilly:


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