Monday, May 14, 2018

Instagram Round Up! My #ootds Lately

Hello!   I wanted to do an Instagram round up post of my recent outfits. Everything I have been wearing lately has been really simple/pretty comfy/a bit oversized (haha!) and super easy to recreate, as I transition back into non-maternity clothes and try to get this new job of MOM under control. Here are some of my #ootd looks lately.

We just celebrated my cousin Josh's 40th birthday ('Merica and camo themed-- haha! Love it!), and I wore this extremely comfy tomato-red loft sweater. I thought I wouldn't wear this sweater until next fall, but it was sooooo chilly here on Saturday! 
My mom and my sister-- my two most important mamas in my life! So happy my mom could be here for Mother's Day. We haven't been together on Mother's Day since high school because I was always away at school or living in Illinois. 

Seb slept through the entire party LOL 

Photobombing cuzzies! 

My goddaughter, Bryn, in Lilly from me! haha! 

Silly faces! 

Sweater: here-- on sale for 40% off-- currently $16!! Runs a little big... size down! 

Gold monogram necklace: here.

Auntie Anna with Seb! 

Obviously, Sebastian had to match the camo theme! 

The little cuzzies looooooooved Seb. They sang to him and gave him kisses while he snoozed in his car seat. It was so so so sweet.

Friday night, Mike's band played at Even Flow in Geneva, and we had our first babysitter! 

Olivia, Kyle and Jackie came over before!! 

The drummer extraordinaire! He is sooooo talented! 

Peplum/bell-sleeve top: similar here on sale! 

Pearl lantern earrings: on sale here! 

See above for my Moon and Lola monogrammed necklace link! 

Oh, yea-- I also got a major haircut! See below for the before and after:

Annalisa at Beautiful You Salon in St. Charles is fabulous. She's been cutting my hair for 6 years! I hadn't had a haircut since my birthday (January 6 haha), and I hadn't had my hair colored since 2012. LOL! Overdue. 

My mom came back into town last week to help us (she is a saint!), and she told us to go out to dinner. She insisted. We went to Bien Trucha (AMAZE), and we were gone for a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes, but it was great to have a date night with Mike. 

Of course we came home and needed our Sebastian snuggles. 

Patterns on patterns on patterns! lololol. 

Elsa top: here

Earrings: here

Lip color: here in Bella. (I also love the Amalfi for a pink and the Fiery for the perfect red. This lip color truly lasts ALL DAY! No need for reapplication, even after eating and drinking).

Jack Rogers sandals: here

Raw hem denim: here

This last look is from Mother's Day! 

Updated eyelet dress for spring: here.

My earrings: here

Mom's Lilly shirt: here

Sebastian's moccasins: here

My booties: here-- SOOOO comfy! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day with your families. Being a mother is the greatest gift from God. It is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done, but it is definitely the highlight of my life. 


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