Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sebastian Joseph Fremeau is Here! And some #realtalk about labor.

This is the most joyous post I have ever written: our son, Sebastian Joseph Fremeau is here! He arrived at 3:20 am on April 7, 2018. He is the most amazing gift from God, and we just continue to thank God for Seb's health.  He was 8 lbs 1 oz at birth, and 20.5 inches long! 

The dogs have adjusted really well! ^^^
I didn't think it was possible, but I realized I love Mike even more now that he is Sebastian's dad. 

Admittedly, the labor and delivery was pretty awful for me (aside from welcoming the love of my life into the world!). I pushed for 4 hours, and during that time, I somehow re-injured an old herniated disc in my lower left spine. We didn't know this after delivery, and so when I couldn't feel from my knees down on both legs way after the epidural should have worn off, we automatically panicked. The anesthesiologists, doctors, nurses and physical therapists tried to figure out why a couple days later, I still had no feeling in my legs. The anesthesiologists wanted to rule out that it wasn't a result of the epidural, so I had an emergency MRI. Meanwhile, Mike was left to handle a newborn on his own and worry about what was happening with me. It was traumatic.

The doctors think this injury could have been as a result of where Sebastian was positioned and how they were trying to have me turn him (he was "sunny side up"). He came out with a little abrasion on his head, which has since fully healed! But otherwise, he is doing really well!!! 

After the MRI could determine I wasn't bleeding into my spine, it was a little more comforting. However, the prognosis was dire: I might not be able to feel my legs and feet for 6-8 weeks. All this was happening, and I was wondering how I could lift and carry my baby. I couldn't even stand or walk alone-- I had a bed alarm on my bed because the nurses had to walk me to and from the bathroom or anywhere. Ugh. It was a horrible experience. 

But, every day I have regained feeling in my legs and feet! I no longer have to walk with the walker we got from the hospital, and I can shower alone now, too! My right foot has so much feeling back that I could drive myself to physical therapy yesterday! Now, I am still waiting on the left to regain more feeling, but I am getting there! I can do the steps myself at home, too, but I still don't feel comfortable carrying Sebastian up and down them yet. Soon, but not yet. 

However, Sebastian is HEALTHY and adorbs!!!!! And that is what matters to me. I will heal!!! Now for the fun baby pics!!! 

My work sent this beautiful blanket. SO sweet, right? Go Wildcats! 

The new family pic! Dogs have been awesome with him. 

Last week, it was 71, so we did a little stroll around the block. (The stroller doubles as a nice walker for me-- haha!). Yesterday, it snowed! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! But look at Bella's face-- hahahah!

Smiles for daddy!!! 

Very contemplative! 

He loves this Boppy Lounger. I highly recommend it!

I can't get enough of the smiles! 

Twins already! 

Tons of snuggles these days! 

No sleep but sooooooo happy! 
This cardigan has been sooooooo perfect for pumping and staying warm in these unseasonably cold days! Also, it's on major sale, and they've updated it for spring/summer, too!! 

Daddy in the hospital with Baby Bella Photography! I was getting my MRI at the time of these pics :(
But we will have more opportunities for family pictures!

One of my favorite pics!
Swaddle: here

Name blanket: here
 thanks to Auntie Courtney! It's soooo warm and soft. You can personalize it as the perfect gift, too! 

Hi, Sebbie! 

My favorite pic ever taken! His first smile!!! 

Daddy holding Seb right after he came into the world! 

Welcome home, buddy! 

Those wrinks!!! 

Blanket: here.  
Thanks to Auntie Anna. And it's monogrammed! 

Sweet, sweet Seb 

Bentley likes to get close, but not TOO close! 

We just keep looking at Sebastian and thanking God he is okay. We had a roller coaster of a pregnancy (did you catch this post?), so just having him with us is the biggest gift.  

Now, I need to get some sleep while he sleeps :)


  1. He's here he's here and he is sooo beautiful as I knew he would be, I mean look at you two!!! I am so sorry it was rough but I am here to tell you that eventually it fades as a memory while your bond and love grows even deeper and deeper. It's all so good and yes, hard too but the blessing from God, well, besides his own son for us, a baby is his greatest gift!! Congrats sweet family of three, congrats!! xo

    1. Thank you so much, Andrea!! You are so so sweet!! And I know that pain has no memory, so all that I will remember is God's gift to us-- Seb!!! You are so right!! Thank you for your love, and I hope you're having a wonderful week!!

  2. I love this and I love you and your sweet family. So happy for you

  3. Your baby is so cute Belle. I love his pretty smile. God bless him

    Best Regards
    Robert smith

  4. omg so cute!!
    Mónica Sors