Saturday, January 27, 2018

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Hello!  Can you believe it's almost February?! We seriously cannot, especially because that means our little guy is coming in 2 months, whether we are ready or not! hahaha!  Valentine's Day falls on a Wednesday this year, and we have a doctor's appointment, so we aren't celebrating until the following weekend, but I wanted to get some ideas out there in case people wanted to start ordering for their wives/girlfriends/besties! Galentine's Day is a real thing, too, you guys!! Who cares if you're single? Celebrate how fabulous you are with your best friends! Or, buy yourself or your mom something from this list! Win/win/win/win!

Okay, here we go!

[1.0] I am obsessed with the "question a day" journals. I have been working through this one for 4 years (my bff Caitlin gave it to her bridesmaids for gifts), and I love seeing how I have grown over time. I fill it out every morning as I eat breakfast. It is so neat to see how I have accomplished a lot of what I set out to do over the past 4 years (get married, buy a home, secure a full-time English teaching position at a school I love so much, buy a car, get dogs (!), make friends in the burbs, etc.). It's so fun to see the milestones! There is also one for couples! I have this one, too, but I wanted to finish my personal one before starting one with Mike hahah #typeA. I just found this kid version, too! You could ask your toddler the questions until he or she began writing!

[2.0] The longitude and latitude/coordinates jewelry is some of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received!  Mike got me a rose gold cuff for Valentine's Day two years ago with the location of our first date-- The Geneva Ale House! (Which, btw, is amazing!!!). Then, I had a coupon and bought myself a gold bar necklace of the coordinates of our first home-- our apartment in downtown Geneva. On the front is the coordinates (longitude and latitude) and on the back, you can inscribe anything! You get $5 off your first order, too! Also, the owners of Lat & Lo. are seriously so kind! I love shopping their site. I have gotten gifts for my girlfriends with the coordinates of where we met (Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, elementary school addresses, etc.).

[3.0] Fun workout leggings!!  No girl wants to spend $100 on workout gear. Seriously. We don't. We love it, and we always save and buy them for ourselves, but $100 for leggings suckssssss. However, you get what you pay for when it comes to workout gear, and the best of the best is going to last for YEARS. I wear Lululemon leggings that I bought in 2012. I am not even exaggerating. Also, who wants their undies to be shown mid-downward dog or plank because your leggings are not thick enough or good enough quality? Not me!!!!! So, we splurge. But, what's better than being treated to something you really want, but you don't want to purchase yourself? Besides, if your gal is anything like me, I wear leggings 90% of the time I am not teaching. LOL. The Alo Goddess leggings are amazing. I have size smalls and mediums from pre-pregnancy. The Moto leggings are my favorites, too, and I have sizes small through large, and the large fit for 30 weeks pregnant.  These are my absolute new obsession. In blush. If you have any questions about sizing, ask me! I can help for sure!

The Align pants from Lululemon are absolutely buttery soft and amazing. Loving this gorgeous new hue! They run big, so size down for your Valentine. They also work over baby bumps because they're high-waisted!

[4.0]  I know some people are opposed to gift cards, but in my opinion, bring them on! I LOVE getting a manicure/pedicure, but it's not a practical use of my money, especially with a baby on the way and a mortgage/all of the billzzzz. However, when I get a gift card for my favorite nail salon, bring it on!!!!  Find a nearby nail place, swing by and pick her up a gift certificate that will cover a pedicure and a no-chip manicure (trust me on that!). My favorite? Pamper Nails in St. Charles with Emily! Follow her on Insta, while you're at it: @emznailedit for nail inspo! Also, is your Valentine into a certain workout regime right now? A gift card to Pure Barre or Orange Theory or the new Club Pilates in St. Charles would be an awesome idea!
^^ My nails after 2 weeks! Still going strong! 

[5.0] Statement earrings are ALWAYS a good idea for a lady in your life! Wearing jewelry that has been given to you as a gift has so much meaning. It's so special! I am a huge fan of Baublebar. They sell BB at Nordies, too, and a less expensive, equally adorable line at Target, called Sugarfix. Obsessed with these pearl stunners for $12.99 and these multicolored fringey beauties for $12.99, too!

[6.0] Fancy S'well water bottles!
Perfect for taking to work because they stay cold for 12 hours. I have two -- both Lilly Pulitzer-- that are just the ideal amount of water for Pure Barre classes. They come in a ton of fun colors and patterns, and they also keep hot bevs hot for 12 hours. Again, fancy water bottles are something we want, but we don't necessarily want to purchase for ourselves.

[7.0] Rose gold tennies! 
You guys: rose gold is THE COLOR right now. Give me allllll of the rose gold. These tennis shoes are so fabulous; they are light weight and comfy, too.

[8.0] Pajamas!
I am obsessed with seasonally appropriate jams. I love to have new pajama pants for each holiday-- haha! But really! And at $15 a pop, this is acceptable.  Old Navy is my go-to. Also, pro-tip: get the holiday pajamas after the season passes (if you aren't buying for your significant other haha), and then they are marked down 75%! 

[9.0] A cozy cardigan.
I am all about the open-cardis these days. This also makes it much easier for getting your gal the perfect fit/size, too, if you are unsure. This blush is my favorite! She can wear it to work or for the weekend, and it will take her through the waning days of winter (wishful thinking) into the spring.

[10.0] A fun or witty graphic tee.
I love this shout out to Pony Boy in The Outsiders-- "Stay Golden". Everfitte is one of my favorite shops for witty tees and tanks. Swoop one up to match your Valentine's personality!

[11.0] A monogrammed necklace or pullover.
Monograms make everything so unique and personalized. I am obsessed with monogramming everything possible! You go the extra mile for someone when you monogram something for her. Remember, a lady's monogram goes first initial, last initial, middle initial, so keep that in mind. Guys' monograms are just in normal order. EX: Michael Thomas Fremeau is MTF, but Mary Margaret Fremeau is MFM!  Marley Lilly and Moon and Lola are my two favorite shops online for monogrammed gifts.  Monogrammed pullovers are huge this season! Especially sherpa ones-- like this one-- on sale!

All acrylic necklaces are 25% off right now at Moon and Lola-- I love my acryllic monogrammed one!

[12.0] A monogrammed bag/tote/clutch.
Mark and Graham is another go-to for leather goods/monogramming. Their pieces are classic and gorgeous and last forever.

What are your Valentine's Day plans? A fancy dinner out? We are going to Villa Verone on Saturday after Valentine's Day! Seriously, the best Italian around here. Pietro, the owner, literally serenaded us when he found out we were expecting! haha! It was so sweet!! My whole family was in town, too. Super cute!


  1. Love the idea of the coordinates of where you met your BFF! Great idea.

    1. Thank you so much, Betsy!! And thank you for reading. I did this for a bunch of my bffs, and they just loved it! So personalized! And the bar necklaces can literally be worn every day! Bracelets, too!

  2. Such great picks! I love the necklaces with the coordinates on it. I'll be on vacation in the Bahamas for Valentine's Day. I can't wait to get out of all this snow and see the sunshine again! xx Rox-Anne Celebrating This Life

    1. Thank you so much, girl!! Aren't those coordinates necklaces so fun and personal? I love them! Have an amazing time in the Bahamas! You're so lucky!!