Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Lilly Pulitzer Year Round and My Birthday!

It is no secret that I am OBSESSED with Lilly Pulitzer. Just to prove it, here are some of my favorite recent Lilly posts on my blog: our gender reveal, holding on to summer in Lilly, the Lilly white dress, another wedding in Lilly, and more summer in Lilly, just to name a few! But, the beauty of Lilly Pulitzer is that her pieces are timeless, classic and can truly be worn all year. I know some people might laugh at me when they see me in a bright patterned dress when it's subzero outside, but it doesn't bother me! haha! Case in point: this Lilly dress with navy tights that I wore for my birthday party. 

This is a small, and it's not maternity-- it only still fits me because it's really flowy at the bottom. The top is getting too tight! LOL.
I am going to link a bunch of similar ones because this was purchased at the last Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale for about $68! 

Watch: Michael Kors

Anna was asking where I got them, and I was like, "Oh! They were free with a Lilly purchase!" And then I was thinking... they were approximately (technically) $200 because you had to spend a certain amount to get them. Oops. But I did get a "free" bracelet with that same transaction! lol! Lilly can be pricey, BUT, it lasts forever, and her sales are out of this world. My first Lilly dress was purchased back in 2010, and I still have it and wear it!I have Lilly dresses that were $40 from TJ Maxx, and I have full-priced Lilly dresses (silk) that were $250. They all wash and wear sooooooooo well. But, they are investments, for sure. I always save up for one full-priced dress a year (typically when I visit my mom and Gary in Florida). Otherwise, I stick to the bi-yearly After Party Sales! Then, I set a budget for myself and stock up! These sales are typically in August and December. 

So many people complimented my hair! I had just gotten it cut by my friend Annalisa at Beautiful You Salon in St. Charles!! Book her! She's amazing. She did my wedding hair, too, and she has been cutting my hair since 2010 when I moved to the burbs from the city. 

Lip color-- super long lasting! Doesn't budge when eating or drinking! Or smoochin'! Perfect for wedding day lips with all the pictures kissing your hubs.

More fun tassel earrings:

Someone wanted to join our photoshoot!!! 

Hi, Bentley!! 

LOVE the back of the Sloane fit and flare dresses. 

I had some friends over for my birthday on Saturday, and it was so nice! 
Olivia, me and Taryn + Bella and Bentley! 
My FFC gals: Mandy, Jenny, Kelly and Sarah. Just missing Andrea! 

Mike got me the MOST AMAZING cake of all time. I am not exaggerating when I say that I've never had a better cake in my life. It was Reese Cup and Oreo!!!!!!!! From Sugar Path. Prepare to let your mouth water all over your screen. 

It was soooooooo delicious!!! We are never getting a cake anywhere else. Literally. 

Drinking water from my Lolita birthday wine glass! LOL! One of my favorite gifts from my MIL a few birthdays ago!

Sweet Mike decided to put 31 candles on my cake. haha! I love him so much!

Would you wear Lilly year-round in colder climates?


  1. Oh sweet Mary! I am so glad your birthday was happy and included that scrumptious looking cake! Way to go Mike! Your LP dress is perfection on you and you shine bright like a diamond in it! This is going to be the BEST year!

    1. Thank you so much!!! For all your kindness! Mike did sooo good❤️❤️❤️ I feel like you’d radiate in lilly year round!!! Thank you for reading, Andrea!!