Monday, January 1, 2018

Snow Day Essentials & Christmas Highlights! (Non-maternity)

Happy New Year! I hope you are somewhere very cozy and warm right now, particularly if you are in the Chicagoland area where the balmy temps are hovering around -10! Haha!! Miserable! We are watching the ND bowl game in our jammies by the fire with the dogs. It is just too painfully cold to venture outside. 

The highlight of 2017 was definitely finding out we were pregnant! We are so grateful for this blessing, and thank God every day. We cannot wait to meet our little guy in April! Here was my favorite post of 2017 with the gender reveal as my second favorite! 

We traveled to both of our home towns over Christmas-- first to Youngstown, Ohio, and then on to Jackson, Michigan-- to see our families. Mike took off on Thursday and Friday this week so we could paint the nursery! We have made a ton of progress on Baby Boy's room, so I will definitely have a nursery reveal post very soon! For now, grab some coffee and check out the cold weather essentials you need! 

I am not exaggerating when I say the Sorel Joan of Arctic boot is the warmest boot out there. Mike actually did a lot of research on Sorels because he bought himself a manly pair last winter for shoveling.  They stay warm up to -32 degrees!! At first I laughed at these because I thought they looked like Eskimos would wear them, but then I tried them on, and I was HOOKED. I even wear them to drive to work, and then I change my shoes at my desk in my classroom. 

My sweet bestie, Court, got me the most amazing, glam, warmest slippers when she came to Ohio to see us when we were in town. She and her husband came from Pittsburgh to Youngstown to be with us! It was soooo nice. These slippers have been on my feet since she gave them to me on the 23rd! Haha!! They come in a few colors, too, and the shearling lining is soooooooo soft and cozy.

My sister got me the warmest, softest, coziest sweatshirt ever for Christmas!!! This "I <3 Snowdays" sweatshirt is sooooo comfortable!! You need it in your life! 
It is under $20! Anna got me an XL for my growing belly-- it is not maternity. The softness is out of this world! 

^^ Playing with the self-timer from our camera on my phone! haha! 

My cousin, Kara, gave us homemade cocoa and that glorious mug for Christmas. It was soooo delish.  Perfect for a day when you don't want to venture outside. I also love a tall, toasty mug, haha! 

I had been researching a pom-pom winter hat for months, and I finally found the perfect one that would match my camel colored maternity coat that my sister gave me to borrow. This was on major sale from J. Crew Factory. Here are some other great pom-pom winter hats:

These Wunder Under leggings from Lululemon are SO WARM!!!!  These are not maternity, but I just wear them under the bump-- haha! I am a pretty consistent size 6 at Lulu (pre-preggo), and these are also a high-waisted size 6. They are thick, which is awesome for running into and out of Pure Barre in subzero temps! The colors and patterns are constantly evolving (mine are about 3-4 years old), but just know the Wunder Under pants will never let you down. 

*These are super practical, and they will match everything. 
*These are freaking amazing, but they wouldn't be good for winter. haha!

The best part about the Wunder Unders is that they DO NOT stretch out. My Beyond Yoga pants stretch out, and I constantly have to pull them up during Pure Barre (which is actually great for being 26 weeks pregnant! haha! But not if you aren't growing a human in you currently). 

I still have these slippers on my feet as we speak! hahaha!

This is my favorite lip stain, the Stila, in Bella-- a new color! I took a nap after Mike took these pics, and I woke up with a full lip still in tact. Hahaha! 

Below are some of the highlights of my Christmas break in Ohio! 

Second annual high school besties + college bestie reunion!! On Christmas Eve Eve. lol

Attempted family pic, but Bella wasn't interested in being photographed with her parents and brother. hahaha

Anna, Graham and myself celebrating Gary's birthday on Christmas Eve!

Sibs and spouses: Shawn, Finn, Anna, Graham, Kelly, me and Mike!

Love our mom!

These next pics are us trying to capture our matching pajamas, but Bella was going crazy in front of us, rolling around like a possessed dog, and we couldn't stop laughing! 
At least Anna looks great in this one! hahaha

Finn couldn't stop laughing at Bella, either! hahaha! 

Getting there!! LOL at Finny with Shawn. 

Best one yet!!! 

Christmas morning with the doggies' outfits. I am telling you-- best $9.99 I have ever spent at Walgreens. I laughed so hard at Bentley's Santa outfit. Every time I put it on him, he went catatonic hahahaha

It still makes me laugh sooooo hard. lol 

Christmas Day! Our little fam. 

Our annual Christmas picture. We miss Aunt Sue so much every year, but we know she is shining down on us. 

Mom had Santa hats for us-- haha! 

My cousin Ashley got Finn a little Melissa and Doug broom set-- omg-- he is obsessed with sweeping/cleaning! He carried around his broom alllllll day. 

Celebrating our birthdays! Rick and I share January 6, Gary is Dec. 24 and Ashley is Dec. 27! 

I hope you had an incredible Christmas and New Year's Eve with friends and family! Stay warm!!! Brrrrrrrr!!!!!  and... GO IRISH!!!!!!!!! Yahoo!!! 


  1. You are looking so cute mama!! Had to wait to read blogs til after the big Irish win today, they had me scared. Eek!! These family photos do my heart good, baby boy is going to be surrounded with so much love. You all look so fun and sweet! Love Sorel boots, love, love , love!! 2018 is going to be the BEST and Happy early birthday...I swear you are one of the cutest pregnant ladies EVAH!!!! xo

    1. Andrea, you just made my night! Thank you soooo much!!! Yes, those Sorels are the absolute warmest!! Thank you for being so sweet and supportive-- it means so much! 2018 really is going to be amazing! Thank you so much again!!! xxoo

  2. Loved this post!

  3. I love my Sorel boots too! Thanks so much for sharing and Happy New Year!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

    1. Aren't they just the warmest?! Thank YOU for reading!! Happy New Year to you, too!!

  4. Darling boots! Happy New Year and congratulations on your upcoming birth of your little one!

    1. Thank you so much, Kelleyn!! The boots are soooo cozy and warm, too! And cute, which is an added bonus! haha! Thanks for reading my blog :):)