Saturday, December 31, 2016

Vintage Burberry and J. Crew Furry Hooded Jacket!

Over break in Ohio, I had the best night with my high school bffs (and one of my college besties, Courtney, and her sweet husband, Mark, drove in from Pittsburgh!). We are now living all over the Midwest, but we have been friends for (literally) decades.   The girls and their significant others came over to my mom and step dad's house, and we chatted the night away. (We really missed Amanda and Darren, though!).  Before we knew it, it was 1:15 am! If you know me, you know I like to start reading in bed by 8 pm. I wish I was exaggerating! hahaha! My poor husband (in my defense, 5 am is an early wake up!!).

For the get together,  I threw on my go-to tartan dress (it's from Lands End's Canvas line-- seriously from 2011 or before! But it's PERFECT for Christmastime!).

Burberry scarf: here.

My multi-strand pearl necklace: here-- currently $26!

I am totally obsessed with this red J. Crew Factory coat
It is currently $107, which is a huge steal. I must warn you, though, it runs laughably large! I usually wear a 6 in J. Crew coats, and this is a 2. LOL. 
But, it is the WARMEST coat ever! 

^^ my fave part-- the fur hood! 

This pic makes me laugh: major RBF. haha

Then, my favorite attribute of the outfit: this vintage Burberry silk scarf.
This was given to my mom when my Aunt Marge passed away. It is purely gorgeous-- and so sentimental-- it means so much to carry on her fashion legacy. I was so excited to show our cousin Susie that I was wearing her mom's scarf with pride. Again, Burberry will never go out of style. It is timeless, classic, universal beauty! This one is from about 40 years ago, and it looks brand new! 

These Frye boots are my go-to brown boot. I bought them during the 2013 half yearly Nordies sale, and the condition still remains excellent! I highly recommend purchasing a pair of Frye boots, as they will last for years and years. 

God bless my hubs! He put on all the clothes I would take off for pics. He is a saint!

Kate Spade green bag-- 2013. 
Similar: here on sale! It's an extra 30% off with code: SPRINKLES

My main squeeeeeze!

He's the best :)

My high schools besties-- just missing Amanda!
Oh, and you're not seeing double-- those are my twinnies on the right! Lauren and Brittany!

We all love Court!!! 

Finn's first Christmas gift in Ohio! After traveling 6+ hours in the car from Chicago!

Uncertain... hahaha!

I love him sooooo much! 

More tartan dress options:

More fur-hooded coats:

Admittedly, a lot of what I posted above is pretty expensive, but-- hear me out! These are items that are high quality and will become heirlooms. :)
Do you have any fashion heirlooms?
And... Happy New Year! How are you celebrating?


  1. That J Crew jacket is amazing! I have to get my hands on it!

    1. Allie, you need it! The sales right now are amazing, too! It's SUPER warm! thanks so much for reading :):)

  2. love this post!
    xx Tania

  3. Thank you so much, Tania❣❣❣ thank you for reading!!