Monday, December 19, 2016

Getting a Second Wear out of a Bridesmaid Dress

I have been honored to be asked to be a bridesmaid 9 (!) times (twice a maid of honor!), so I have quite the collection of beautiful bridesmaids dresses that I want to be sure I can wear again.  Just this past month, I was trying to decide on what dress to rent for my friend Maria's wedding, when it hit me. I have 9 GORGEOUS dresses to choose from! Why not re-wear one of those?!?! DUH!  I chose to wear Caitlin's bridesmaids dress again; it was black lace and navy fit-and-flare, and it matched Mike's midnight blue tux :)  I threw on some black tights, and I was warm enough for a December wedding in IL! (Caitlin's wedding was May of 2013 in South Carolina!).  Pictured below are just SOME of the gorgeous dresses I've worn for my friends and family members wedding parties.  Don't let those bridesmaids dresses hang in your closet. Throw on some tights, and re-wear them for winter weddings! If it's been years, get them altered to fit! Wear the jewelry you wore the day of the wedding, or spruce up the dress with a new statement piece! You will save so much money, and you will relive the fond memories from your besties' weddings. 

My mom, my sis and me. I was Anna's MOH for her July 2013 wedding! 
I can't wait to wear this peplum dress again. The back is a low scoop back. Super flattering. 

One of my absolute favorite family pictures. We miss Aunt Sue every day.

How gorgeous is my sis? 

Maid of honor, bride, groom and best man! 
Shout out to Joanne for being an INCREDIBLE photographer!

Super excited to give the MOH speech! haha!
Dress: Alfred Sung

How awesome are these bow-back dresses? They remind me so much of my Kate Spade bow back dress that I wore for my cousin's wedding!

Angela and I loved the bow back pics! 

Besties at Fran's wedding! 

My forever wedding date! 

The stunning bride, Fran! 

Fran's dresses were Alfred Sung, too. 
The beauty of his dresses is that you can pick out different colors and styles to match your tastes! 

Megan was a MODEL-beautiful bride! 

The prettiest bff!! Besties since bowl cut age in 5th grade.

My dress here

Megan's bridesmaids dresses were so comfortable! The color was vibrant and AWESOME, too!
high school besties (above)! 

Caitlin's dress was probably the most incredible dress I've ever seen on a bride. It was her grandmother's! She was even featured in a wedding magazine for it, too!  I also modeled our wedding flowers after Caitlin and Tom's.

Epic entrance into the reception ^^^
SMC/ND besties!
The gorgeous bridesmaids dresses can be found here

Maria and Kevin's winter wonderland nuptials. 

Re-wearing the dress for Maria's beautiful wedding! Here with my sis.

May 2013/December 2016 
We tried to recreate the pic! Caitlin and Tom's wedding was the first one Mike and I ever went to together! 

Chicagoland besties/ SMC loves!!! How amazing does the bride look?

Moral of the story? Bust out those bridesmaids dresses! Do not forget about them. You can easily update them for the season :) 


  1. Beautiful pictures. These dresses are so gorgeous.

    1. Thank you so much, Nina!! :):) Thanks for reading xxoo