Saturday, December 10, 2016

Trending 12.10.16: Gift Ideas for the Ladies in your Life

This week's #trending post goes out to all the fabulous women (moms, sisters, wives, besties, aunts, Godmothers, girlfriends, fiances, grandmas, Nanas, Grammies) in your life.

[1.0] For the hard-working lady: the perfect carry-all tote
Our friend Laura, who is a doctor, swears by her Dagne Dover bag. The last time we were visiting her and her fam, I checked out her tote. It has room for everything from a water bottle to a laptop. The sturdiness was what really sold me. Check out the yellow 13' version! This will be my next teacher bag! This would be an ideal bag for all my Chicago El-commuter pals!

[2.0] For the gal who LOVES the holiday season.
I could not be more obsessed with this tartan blazer. Your recipient will wear it on major repeat.

[3.0] For the most nautical girl in your life.
Stripes AND ruffles? Who could ask for anything more! This is a perfect gift for your Sperry-boat-shoe-wearing girlfriend.

[4.0] For your sophisticated galpal.
The vibrant Kelly green of this lace pencil skirt is perfect for the office (or classroom!). Tuck it in with a chambray shirt or collared plaid Oxford, and she is work ready.

[5.0] For your bestie who loves to sparkle and shine.
This Target sequined skirt is absolutely fantastic. This is for the gal in your life whose motto is "glitter is my favorite color."

[6.0] For the chickadee in your life who dreams of California and summertime even during the doldrums of winter.
I put this one on my birthday list-- hehehehe! Those bell-sleeves and that bright pink gingham are everything. If you live in Illinois, you'll have to deal with the perma-cloud/major-coldness for the next few months, so why not pop some bright colors along the way?

[7.0] For the girliest girl on your list (who straightens her hair).
I happened upon this at Target while I was looking for mini hand lotions (a likely story, Mary hahaha), but my jaw dropped. How beautiful is this? It's a perfect stocking stuffer, too. CHI straighteners last for YEARS. I have had my floral one since 2011, and it's not going anywhere.

[8.0] For the doll who LOVES to have fun and dance the night away.
These shoes are everything! They're true to size, so sneak into your S/O's closet to grab her shoe size. Purely beautiful!

[9.0] For the senorita who loves a statement earring.
This little gift set takes any stress out of decision making!  Tassel earrings are HUGE right now, and they aren't going anywhere.

[10.0] For your social-media maven who loves her iPhone.
This is currently on sale for $22 and with the code "Sprinkles" it's 30% off that! $15!! It's adorable!

Bonus! [11.0] For your barre-Belle or workout chica.
These Alo goddess leggings are the most flattering spandex pant I have ever owned. They lift and flatter like nothing I've ever seen before. The color combos are endless. I own 3 pairs, and I have never been more satisfied with a workout pant. I wear a small in these for reference (and I am typically a 4 in pants).

How is your holiday shopping going? We are making solid progress getting through our lists!
Snow is coming in our town tomorrow; my kids were so hyped up yesterday at the prospect of an E-Learning day! (This is a new idea that just a few schools in Illinois have adopted-- it was started by our superintendent. In order to not tack on extra days at the end of the school year, kids log in to their Chromebooks from home and have an online classroom experience in lieu of being at school on a snow day. Pretty neat, right?)

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