Monday, September 26, 2016

On Becoming a Godmother (x2) and Wrap Dresses!

A little over two years ago, I was asked to be my cousin Bryn's Godmother. I was sooo incredibly honored! Jay and Beth, Bryn's parents, are our cousins, and we just love them so much. They live nearby in St. Charles, which is so great since our parents are back in Ohio. God always has a plan because the fact that I ended up in the western burbs near our "Chicago cousins" is kismet. Here are some pictures from Bryn's baptism in 2014! 

^^Me, Beth, Jay and Godfather Danny! With sweet BRYN!
My dress: old Sail to Sable. Similar here

^^ Bryn was one of our adorable flower girls at our wedding! 

^^^ I love this picture (mainly because Mike is just rogue hahaha!) 

Last weekend I was given the honor of becoming Finn's Godmother. 
^^^ Anna with sweet Finny! 

Finn wore a baptismal gown from the early 1900s! My great grandmother made it for my mom's mom, my grandma Audrey. Then my mom and uncle Gery wore it, and both my sister and I wore it, too. Now it's Finny's turn! 

The proud parents, my BIL Shawn and Anna with Finn. 

Action shot ^^ God bless, Finn! 

My Ann Taylor wrap dress is the perfect piece for fall. The navy, blush and pewter are great jewel tones for the autumn months. I love the fit! It's true to size and a bit stretchy. I wore this the first week of school and received so many compliments. It is not too low, which is always my biggest fear with wrap dresses. 

Anna and Shawn got married at this church! Isn't it beautiful?
It's called Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Chicago. It was also my church when I lived in the city. 

God parents with the proud parents and Finn.
Wrap dresses were the dress of the day. They're perfect for work, and they're incredibly flattering. 
My wedges: here.  Remember, these wedges have been on heavy rotation since my mom and Gary's wedding in July 2012. That price per wear ratio is amazing. hahaha #justification

Anna's wrap dress: here
My wrap dress: currently an extra 60% off

Brendan and myself, the Godparents for Finn Patrick. 

This picture would be great if I wasn't kicking my foot out like a weirdo. Haha! 
Our family together! 
Gar, mom, Mike, me, Finn, Anna, Shawn, Patty and Dad. 

I love that Finn nibbled on the heirloom gown the whole time. Hahah! He was SO good! No tears whatsoever. 

Sweet baby boy with dad and Patty!

Mom in Lilly & Gary with Finn! Does he just look like a sweet angel? 
A similar wrap dress version of mom's Lilly: here

My favorite Ann Taylor wrap dresses of the season:

More wrap dresses to love: 

And if you are doing well and want a high-quality, quintessential wrap dress, get a DVF!!!! 
Swoon x 1,000,000. THAT will become an heirloom for any nieces or daughters in your life. 
Are you a Godparent?

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