Monday, September 19, 2016

Scalloped Skirt and Tassel Earrings!

I saw this scalloped skirt online from J. Crew Factory. It came in navy, red and this grayish/green. I was totally obsessed, and I knew I needed it for school. However, they didn't sell it in stores! Major bummer. While I was at the Aurora Outlets stalking it, though, I saw this lady walking around in that very skirt. She looked fab, so I knew what I needed to do: order this puppy online! haha! I have a red skirt and a navy, so I went with this nice army-ish green one. It's an unlikely color for me, but I really dig it!

But, the biggest bummer: IT IS SOLD OUT!!!  Sheesh. I am going to do my best to get you very similar ops. I think this is my favorite skirt, and now it's GONE! #firstworldproblems

This Asos one doesn't have the pockets or snaps in front, but that might actually be to your advantage. I had this horrible fear all day of squatting down to pick something up and my skirt popping open-- the horror!! SO, maybe the Asos version is more practical. 

My earrings: J. Crew Factory. Only $17! Very lightweight, too. I hate a heavy statement earring, and these definitely aren't cumbersome.
Other tassel options: here

This LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls is faux suede and $26! I am in. And it has the buttons! And even better colors than J. Crew Factory. Done and done.

I love the scalloped detail on shorts and skirts alike. How gorgeous is this blush pink suede skirt? PERFECTION for fall, guys!

Also, I am digging this navy one for the office. 

Red lips: Mac, Brave red

It is still super hot in Illinois, so my Toms peep-toe wedges are being put to good use!
These are a few years old, but try these (on sale! and super practical) and these adorable chevron ones

This is my classic popover. It's perfect tucked in to any skirt or colored pant. Furthermore, the jewelry options are endless with a white collared shirt.  Do yourself a favor and buy a few polished white shirts. Mine was $29 (J. Crew Factory sale in the summer), but I would invest in one like this J. Crew option. Also, pick up a long sleeved one, too! You will ALWAYS wear this-- for years to come. It's practical to the nth degree! Besides, if you spill on it (like I often do), your husband can easily bleach it-- hahaha. Thanks, babe!

^^^ Pics are done, now it's time to party. Bahaha

What are some of your closet staples?


  1. So cute! You can never go wrong with scallops!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

    1. Thank you, Jen! Thanks for reading, girl! I am so obsessed with all things scalloped :)