Friday, February 5, 2016

Super Bowl Game Watch Outfits

I am going to be 100% honest with you all and tell you this: I have no idea which teams are playing in the Super Bowl. Haha! I could Google it, but I don't have much interest. I know my friend Fran loves Peyton Manning, and I am pretty sure he is in the Super Bowl this year, but I don't know for whom he plays, nor do I care. I care about Notre Dame sports, and that is the extent of my sports interests. And pretty much has always been... as evidenced below:
Above: Anna and me recreating a Halloween picture with the exact shirts of our youth. 

Dad and me, Notre Dame tee and bicycle on fleek.

Frem-ik reunion! Kubmeau! South Bend lovin'! :):) With Courtney and Mark.

As you can see, what matters to me is making sure my green, gold and navy are on point for Notre Dame games. Here with Mike and Joe!

However, I DO love dressing for sporting events (Bears, Bulls, Cubs game watches or games-- I will never turn down an excuse to watch sports outside in the sun). But, for this weekend, I am much more focused on Puppy Bowl XII and how hot Chris Martin will look at halftime. (Sorry, hubs! hahaha!!).

Last year, we were super snowed in for Super Bowl Sunday, and Mike and I chilled in our jammies at home on our couch. This year, even if it is uber snowy, we are still going to our planned event: our across the hall neighbors are hosting a Super Bowl party!

Here are a few looks for the game this weekend! Addendum: I found out it's the Panthers vs. the Broncos. More importantly, we're working with Carolina Blue and navy and orange for Denver.

If you are cheering for the Panthers (or just prefer a cerulean blue), here are some pieces for you:

The Vineyard Vines Shep Shirts and Pullovers are pieces you will wear year-round. I love this wintermint version with the signature whales across the back.

Above and below: Heading to Jamaica, the day after our wedding, at approximately 5 am! Haha!

I imagine I will be cheering on the Panthers in a Lilly Pulitzer pullover like this, mainly because I sort of despise the color orange. Haha! This popover, in Breakwater Blue Underwater Escape, would be perfect for Sunday! 
Glitter sunglasses: Kate Spade
Mrs. Necklace: Kate Spade

To mingle with your popover of choice, pick up a pair (or two-- for under $50 you could feasibly buy both the dark and lighter wash!) of these J. Crew Factory straight and narrow jeans. I love the fit of J. Crew Factory jeans-- they don't stretch out like Gap or Banana Republic tends to do. I've had mine for about four years, and I still wear them to this day!  

The last piece to your Super Bowl outfit would be your shoes: I have these Tory Burch flats in Biscay, but I am also loving the Jelly Blue color. I wear them all day to teach in with no problem-- they're comfortable and versatile! I have had these particular ballet flats for over three years. They're still in excellent condition. The color is SO vibrant in person! 

If you are a Broncos fan, (hi, Fran!), or simply like orange and navy better, here are some options for you:

This ombre Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt is so fun! I love the pullover-- easy to wear on a weekend, post workout, or just for a comfy game watch look. Vineyard Vines is quintessential preppy-- I love the story of the brothers who started the company. They decided they wanted to stop wearing ties in a corporate setting and quit their jobs to start designing them (ties) instead. The iconic whale critters are too cute!

I am loving shirts with printed phrases on them these days. To incorporate orange, check out this Good Mood sweatshirt from Nordstrom. Any shirt with writing on it is casual and a fun conversation piece. This one from Mindy Mae's Market is adorbs (and $40!).

Pair the sweatshirt or Shep Shirt with a dark skinny jean and gray booties (the Toms booties are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn-- these are on sale for under $70!), and you're all set for Sunday!  Side note: I have the Toms booties in black suede, and I wear them constantly. Slap a nice suede protective spray (I use the Kiwi brand) on pre-first wear, and you are golden!

I love to dress up seemingly casual tees or sweatshirts with a statement piece of jewelry. I am all about the inexpensive jewels from J. Crew Factory. Try this or this to support the Broncos!

Who are you cheering for on Sunday? Or, more importantly, what will you be wearing? ;-)

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