Thursday, February 18, 2016

So Much Love- Valentine's Day Looks!

Mike and I had such an amazing Valentine's Day/long weekend together. I am so thankful to God that Mike and I found each other (almost) three years ago because he is truly my soulmate. We went to a fancy dinner Saturday night and had a relaxing day (mass, heart-shaped DQ blizzard cake, heart-shaped Lou Malnati's deep dish pizza and several episodes of Naked and Afraid on Discovery!) Sunday. It's just so nice to be able to sit on the couch with my hubs and not have to go anywhere. I loved the dichotomy of a fancy night on Saturday (another delicious meal at Villa Verone) and the relaxation, pig-out fest of Sunday. Plus, the added Presidents' Day holiday on Monday made for a very special long weekend. 

The glitter Darron pumps are simply stunning. My friend Mandy just bought them in the black and silver glitter. This particular blush color is sold out, but the black and pewter is equally as fierce! Here's another option in gold. 

Bracelets left:
top: Charming Charlie's (old), similar here
Bracelets right:
top: Glitter is My Favorite Color (old Kate Spade), similar here
bottom: Lat and Lo coordinates bracelet from my hubs!

I just love my MFM monogrammed necklace.
My sister chose the mirrored gold for my birthday gift.
Check out Moon and Lola for your perfect monogram! 
Earrings: Kate Spade

Mike got me the most thoughtful Valentine's Day gift. It's a coordinates (longitude and latitude) bracelet! The coordinates he chose are for Geneva Ale House: where we went on our first date (and met in person!). 
Inside, he had inscribed: love at first kiss

The Geneva Ale House will always hold a special place in our hearts. We had a 3 hour and 50 minute first date (and meeting!) there! On a SCHOOL night! We met on, and emailed a few times (he sent me the most adorable first email!), and then decided to meet on a Tuesday (March 12, 2013, to be exact!) to meet in person. We chose the Geneva Ale House and sat and had a couple drinks and talked for hours. I fell in love with him immediately! 
One of my favorite engagement pics, thanks to the incredible Blossom Lane Photography

Mike chose the rose gold filled cuff bracelet for me. It's the most thoughtful gift! I will always cherish it. Lat and Lo. is adorable-- their packaging was decorated with anchors, and read, "where are you anchored?" I love it!

My lip color is Stila (from my wedding) in Amalfi. It's the BEST pink for long-lasting color. 
Coincidentally, without even knowing this was my wedding lip color, my girl, Jackie, bought me the same color for my birthday! I'm so excited to have back up! I wear it constantly!

Okay, now I get to brag about my Valentine! 

How cute is he? I am a lucky gal. 

I love when we get all fancy, and Mike busts out the Notre Dame helmet cuff-links I bought him last year for his birthday.  They are made out of real ND helmets that were actually worn in games. Mike wore these for our wedding day.
Funny story about the cuff links. Tokens and Icons did an amazing job with these, but unfortunately, I hadn't gotten them on time for Mike's birthday. I had ordered them plenty early, but there was a snafu with shipping. The men at Tokens and Icons were outstanding and over-nighted them for me after I explained that Mike's birthday was quickly approaching. However, we use a PO box for our mail (just easier/more secure). The cuff-links were being held hostage at the PO box on Mike's birthday, but I was at the dentist getting my front tooth fixed. Well, it was approaching the time that the post office would be closing, and I couldn't NOT have a gift for him to open on his birthday. So, I left the dentist's office (with no front tooth!) and picked up the package! HAHAHA!!! Oh my gosh. What a story that was. I was praying I wouldn't get picked up for speeding because I would terrify the officer, having a nub for a front tooth and all. That is love, my friends. Our post man and woman laughed for about 5 minutes when I revealed that I was missing a front tooth. LOL.

My dapper husband. 

The full look!
This coral and scalloped Loft dress is from last year (I wore it to my friend Leah's wedding). 
My squad! Beautiful girlfriends!

My better half.

 I just added black tights (and a black blazer for dinner-- it was cold!), and closed-toe shoes for a February wearing of this dress. 

But here (those ruffles!), here (those lazer cuts!) and here (that back!) are great coral options. Coral is a versatile color for year-round wear.
Here is a great scalloped option in Kelly green or purple. 

We LOVE the book letters. I got these at Cocoon in Geneva! They are fantastic birthday gifts, too! They come in two sizes-- excellent for creating your monogram to display! 

The Bouqs were phenomenal with their flowers! Mike had these delivered to me on Saturday. They were absolutely stunning! 
Kate Spade vase: (thanks to Mandy!) here
Pride and Prejudice book clutch: Bookarelli from Etsy. She's incredibly talented and sweet! 
Champagne change purse: Kate Spade

Super similar dress here. Such a steal for $16.99! 

Thanks to Maria for this adorable change purse! It's ideal for your cash, ID and credit cards, especially when you're wearing a smaller clutch for a night out-- a clutch that wouldn't fit your typical wallet. 

The back of this dress is the best part! 
It's connected, but it looks like it's separate. Here (splurge), here and here (steal) are options. 

Burberry scarf: here
Cobalt J. Crew Factory coat: remember this?
Red velvet DQ blizzard cake! LOL! We traveled to Batavia in a blizzard (real, not ice-cream) for this! WORTH IT! 

You cannot beat the Lou Malnati's heart-shaped pizza. 
Ready for our Valentine's Day meal! 

This is sheer happiness in one photograph: MTF and a heart-shaped blizzard cake! 

How did you spend Valentine's Day?

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