Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dressing for a Job Interview

I have been on my fair share of interviews both for my teaching career and my past retail experience through college (fortunately there were no interviews for my high school summer job at the fruit stand... bahaha!).  Additionally, I have been on the other side of the interview: the interview committee. Of course, no legitimate interviewer should judge his or her prospective employee by his or her outfit, but clothes are the certainly first piece of the presentation in any interview; it's just an inevitable fact.

Thanks to the suggestion of our dear friend, Maggie, I've decided to write about some fashionable options for any job interview. Let's get started!

Black dress:

You can never go wrong with a classic black dress. I own this sheath by Ann Taylor. I bought it last spring for 50% off. Hint: always wait for Loft or Ann Taylor sales-- I have never paid full price for an item from either store! A polished LBD (watch the length-- be sure it's "school appropriate" as we say in the education world-- this sheath hits right at my knee; I am 5'6 for reference and bought a size six) impresses your potential employers because you look put together and quite refined.  You can add a cardigan and tights to complete your look (and perhaps your pearls?) if it's colder. Fun cardigans/jackets that are also interview appropriate: here, here (with this navy skirt) and here with this navy sheath dress (an updated version of the LBD).

This Cabi cardigan is last season's from my dear friend, Caitlin, but this would be an appropriate option for on top of your LBD. 

Fitted Black Pencil Skirt:

Another ideal option would be a pencil skirt with a crisp collared shirt tucked into it. I own this Ponte Pencil Skirt from Ann Taylor. The black is versatile and will be on heavy rotation once you nail your interview and secure the job. Again, in colder climates (cough, ILLINOIS, cough), you can add black tights and sophisticated black pumps (of a respectable height) like these by Born.

Blazer/tailored shirt:

While I am an advocate of the LBD and black pencil skirt, I do think you have some options when it comes to blazers and button down shirts. Here, herehere (my fave!) and here are some great colored blazers that would pair nicely over an elegant black dress or with a black pencil skirt.

If you feel more comfortable in a black blazer (I adore this one from J. Crew Factory), by all means, stay monochromatic. But I do encourage you to add a pop of color or pattern (try this from Loft!) to your collared shirt beneath the blazer. The J. Crew Factory Classic Button Down in any of the three colors would be perfect for an interview! The incorporation of a bit of color will make you even more memorable to your interviewers! Or, try this Embroidered Dot Perfect Shirt from Ann Taylor. I have it in yellow, and it's truly chic under a blazer.

I love this navy and gold striped blazer from Ann Taylor (it's about two years old). See above for several options if you're ready to branch out into stripes or patterns on top. 

I adore this chambray and pink striped blazer from Gap a few seasons ago. It was $16 on clearance! Such a steal. 
My mug: Ashley Brooke Designs from my bestie, Amanda! 

This jewel-collared sleeveless shirt (that I wear QUITE regularly under cardigans, blazers, sweaters and crewnecks or just as a stand-alone piece), is another option for an interview, underneath a black or navy blazer. It is about 3 or 4 seasons old from J. Crew Factory, but here and here are some other fabulous options for under $30.  This is a beautiful silk option from Nordies, if you have the means for a splurge. Check out this top and its variety of adorable, bright colors! 
Above: me, Fran and Angela (congrats to Ange on her recent marriage!) in downtown Indy! 

Another use of the jewel-collared sleeveless shirt. My only regret about this shirt is that I didn't buy it in the navy and white, too! 
Celebrating Mike's 31st birthday last April at Bien Trucha (amazing! You MUST go!). 

Above: the night before my wedding shower in Geneva last summer, paired with white denim.
My sister, Fran (came all the way from Indy!), me and Mandy. 
The reason I love this sleeveless shirt under blazers is because sometimes blazers can be tight or stuffy in the arms/body. This let's you feel a little "freer" inside a fitted blazer. 

Any interviews on your horizon? What will you be rocking for the 'view?

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