Friday, March 2, 2018

Gilded Dress-- Maternity and Non-Maternity Options!

It seems like every week I go to write a blog post, I have an ailment to share! haha! Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer! This week it has been debilitating sciatica pain. Shooting pains down my leg :( which is apparently quite common in the later months of pregnancy. I am 35 weeks pregnant today, and I just got home from the physical therapist. I have some exercises and stretches to try, but she basically said to stay off my feet as much as possible this weekend. Ah. It has been a very hard week! Teaching is not conducive to being seated :( but, it could be so much worse. I could have pain like this chronically, or it could be something worse affecting the baby, so I really need to just be grateful it's not like that. Any other readers experience the excruciating pain of sciatica? I feel for you! On a lighter note, though, I have a fun gilded dress to share from last weekend (pre-pain), and I will link non-maternity options, too! Let's get to the happier side of Belle On Trend: the clothes! 

These pics were taken right before we went to our favorite (chain) restaurant-- Cooper's Hawk
Have you been? The Mexican drunken shrimp and southwest egg rolls are the BEST apps ever! We ate sooooo much last weekend. I was starving-- haha! We had two pretzel breads, too, hahaha. I think the waiter was like, "this girl loves food". I hope he realized I was preggo and not just a hungry, hungry hippo. 

I got the gnocchi carbonara. To die for. Then we split the Reese skillet cookie. Amazeeeee! I have never had a bad meal there. You might remember my sister and mom hosted my baby shower there a couple weekends ago. We are wine club members, so we racked up a lot of points from the shower. We like to go about 1x a month for tastings and picking up our 2 bottles a month. Of course that has slowed down since July, but Mike can still imbibe with a free DD-- haha! 

My watch: 

My earrings are old, but similar options here:

The dress: 
only $37!  I am in a medium, for reference. 

Pink Blush always has sitewide sales! When I got this dress, everything was 30% off. I originally ordered it for my friend Olivia's "goodbye to my roaring 20s" birthday party, but it didn't arrive in time. If you need something in a hurry, I would spend the $5 for the expedited shipping. 

Bella wanted to be involved in the shoot! haha! 

My Toms booties:

My red lip:

More gilded dresses-- non-maternity! 

I wanted to thank everyone so much for the kind words about my last blog post.  I was so nervous to share the hardships of our journey with the "blog-o-sphere", but I am so grateful I did. So many friends from high school and college came forward to share their similar struggles or thank me for being open and honest. I do think it helps to know that other people have had trying times throughout pregnancy. Just know: you aren't alone if your pregnancy hasn't been as beautiful/effortless as the Bump's Instagram page, haha!!


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