Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Perfect Fall Outfit -- (Non-maternity)

Hello and happy Sunday! I can't stop smiling from all the love I've received this week since announcing our pregnancy. It makes me so happy to know that in 5 short months, I will be a mom! And knowing that Mike will be a dad is even more awesome; he's going to be an incredible father.  Thank you all for reading and for the kind words you've passed along to us. It makes the nausea and other tough parts of being pregnancy just blips on the radar. It is so worth it to just be pregnant.

I want to talk to you about a new fall uniform I have been loving lately. It has been influenced by feeling uncomfortable in all my regular pants (pregnant friends: do you know the hairtie trick? This worked for me for a few weeks!). Just tried a Bella Band from the recommendation of my bff, Amanda, today for mass. It's a crazy concept, but it worked!  I just picked it up at Target yesterday! You can keep your normal pants unbuttoned/unzipped, and throw that on top. It's like wearing a long tank top under your tops. I tried to explain this to my step dad, and he didn't really get it-- haha!

But I digress! The perfect fall outfit has three main components: a flowy dress, high boots and either boot socks or these boot cuffs I am gaga over.  Here we go:

This dress is soooooooo soft and comfy. I originally bought a medium with the future in mind, but it was too big. I returned it for a small. SIZE DOWN! It is currently 50% off! The material is luscious! It is so cozy, but it is also perfect for work.

Add to it these Frye boots: 

A word about Fryes: yes, the prices can be alarming. But hear me out: I have one pair of Frye boots (the Melissa brown ones) that I bought in 2012. I know it was 2012 because I was living in my St. Charles apartment, and the box was as tall as me when it arrived-- haha! They are in impeccable shape to this day. There is simply no better knee-high boot. I used to buy $100 and under knee-high boots, and I would wear them one winter and have to replace them. I would do this for years-- adding up to so much more than 1 pair of amazing boots that withstand winters with ease. Do yourself a favor and go to Nordstrom or Von Maur, and try a pair on. They are SO STURDY!  I got my typical size, and they have lasted 5 winters thus far. Trust me on this one. It's a splurge that is worthwhile. 

Of course, in your own monogram haha! I bought the brown ones with white writing, and they came so quickly. I also ordered a pair for my friend, Lauren, who is letting me borrow her adorable maternity clothes. These are tucked into the top of your boots to resemble boot socks, but they are just little cuffs! They keep your knee/upper shin warm! Aren't they darling? They are on sale, too!  And, if your boots aren't super loose, they are convenient because you don't have to wear a full-length heavy sock.  I got the idea of these boot cuffs from a blogger I just love: Follow her blog!  

Oh! I would additionally recommend a statement earring to tie the look together, too: 

Now a few other permutations of the same 3 (actually four with earrings, haha!) pieces:

Either of these two Loft dresses-- I have the window pane choker dress in a small. (Both are on sale, too!!). 

Add black Frye boots: 

A fun boot sock or black tights:  [side note-- I get all my boot socks from Target! They are super cheap, and they last forever.] 

Top with your favorite black statement earrings, and you are ready for work and weekend:

9 more fall dresses to pair with high brown or black boots:

This comfy dress-high boot combo is going to be my saving grace for the next few months! Which is your favorite one? 


  1. Great boots!
    instagram @grace_njio

  2. Aren't they so cute?? Thank you! They last forever!! :):)