Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Outfit you NEED from Lululemon + the Blessing of our Pups!

Fall is here! But not to stay, you guys. It is supposed to go back up to 85 degrees soon, and I am not ready for this. Haha! I just ordered new Frye boots (on sale), and a bunch of half off Loft dresses, so I really need boot/dress weather to be here.  I wanted to show you how we decorated our front porch! LOL! I had this vision of mums and pumpkins, but you want to know something shocking? Mums are really freakin' expensive. I texted my friend Ibby and was like, "so I didn't stay under the decided upon $50 mum/pumpkin limit discussed with Mike... haha!"  But, these little Cinderella pumpkins are everything! I couldn't not get those!!! (Also, thank God I subbed this week, proctored the ACT and helped with the math tournaments because $$). hahaha!

Get those little pastel "Cinderella" pumpkins in various colors and sizes. They're toooooo cute! (like my husband!!)

I found these crates at Joanne's to give the pumpkins some depth. 

Mums for days! If I had an unlimited mum budget (mumget?), I would line the front garden with mums in repeating color order. For now, we just have 4 mums. LOL 

 Trying to get Bella and Bentley to perch on the little crate. haha!

Bentley has the hang of it! 

 Now, on to the event of the day, and the most amazing Lululemon pants you'll ever own!

Bentley was uncertain about the blessing of the pets. He can get so timid! Poor buddy!
Please note the scratches on my shoulder because he wouldn't let go! Awwww. 

^^ Okay, mama! Now I'm ready to be blessed! 

That face!!! 

These align pants are life changing.  I actually had randomly tried on a pair last time I was at Lululemon looking for new capris. The comfort level is unsurpassed by any spandex I've ever owned.  I have these (the 25 inch pair) and then a pair of capris in a purple color. (The purple I have is called aeon).  These are a size 6 for reference (they do run about a size big!), and my capris are a 4. I am about right in the middle. A 5 would be perfect, lol. My color above is Night Tide. 

Bella rolling around on the ground-- haha! Typ. 

It has twisted straps, and it is sooooo comfy! I am still wearing this outfit (which I wore to breakfast, mass, the blessing of the animals, for a nap, and then to do work the rest of the day) as I type this at 8 pm. 

Also, this is a lip color I got from the Nordstrom sale. At first, I was not sold. My friend Jeannette and I both ordered it, and we sent selfies to each other-- we were not crazy about it. Mike also came home and saw it on me and asked what was on my mouth. Like, he thought it was a stain of food hahaha. He apologized profusely, but he said he was originally concerned LOL.
So, I tried again. And, I think I love it! 

My color in the "do the twist" tank is heathered dark forest. This is a size 8, but it's nice and loose and flowy. I would size down, if I bought another. But, I do love some workout tops that aren't super tight.  Also,  I love how long it is. 

These New Balance tennies are my go-to for Fridays at work. 
They're navy and rose gold!!! 

I am cracking up at Bella posing in this one. 

The Apple Watch is seriously an awesome investment. I can look at my watch at any time and know the weather, my emails, my texts, news, LITERALLY ANYTHING. I love that it tracks my workouts, and the rose gold band is my favorite. 

The infamous Bella "splat". She was over our walk. haha!

Love how high waisted these are! 

^^The actual blessing from St. Mark's Church in Geneva. It was sooooo special! I teared up. Thanks to Ibby for these pics and for my cousin Vee to film! 

Bentley was a bit unsure... 

Awwwwwwwwww. Bella wasn't too into the Holy Spirit today haha!

TL;DR version of the look:

Do the Twist tank in heathered green: here.

Align Pant in night tide: here

New Balance tennies: here.

Apple Watch in rose gold: here.

How was your weekend? We were so lucky because our best man, Lee, and his wife Jacque came to stay with us to watch the Notre Dame game yesterday and meet the pups! Mike and Lee were on the Notre Dame Drum Line together in college.  They stayed over, and took us to Buttermilk for breakfast. It was sooooo delicious! We had so much fun catching up with them!



  1. Aww your pups are so cute! They definitely are a blessing :) Your athleisure look is sooo cute!

    Lauren Lindmark |

    1. Thank you so much, Lauren! They make us sooo happy!! Omg, those Align pants are life changing. Also, I totally ordered your whole red dress outfit the other day!! I found an Ann Taylor dress that was super similar. Also, I got those boot cuffs (monogrammed) for my friend and me! Thanks so much for the inspo!

  2. Cute pups. Didn't know mums were that expensive.

    1. I had no idea, either! I thought they would be way more affordable. Haha! Thanks so much for reading and for the nice words about our pups!